Pearson Technology Group launches Digital Short Cuts

Pearson Technology Group launches Digital Short Cuts

Digital Short

Pearson Technology Group Develops Digital Short Cuts, Providing Readers With The Information They Need Now

Technology is evolving faster than ever. That's why Pearson Technology Group has launched Short Cuts, a set of concise PDF documents with information about a cutting-edge echnology that shows great promise, or about an existing technology that has reached the "tipping point" and is about to take off.

Covering programming, databases, networking, engineering, security, and more, Short Cuts are developed to save readers time, show users how to solve a specific problem, or introduce a new topic. Varying from 50 to 150 pages in length, Short Cuts are available for sale on and the Pearson Technology Group imprint sites: Addison-Wesley Professional; Cisco Press; Exam Cram; IBM Press; Prentice Hall Professional; Que Publishing; and Sams Publishing.

Authored by industry experts and best-selling authors, flagship Short Cuts include: Cheating Online Games by Gary McGraw and Greg Hoglund; Refactoring to Agility by Carol A. Wellington; and Using BusyBox by Christopher Hallinan. More than a dozen additional Short Cuts are scheduled to be published by the end of 2006.

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