New edition of Moby Dick from Pearson Education

New Longman Critical Edition of Moby-Dick, edited by John Bryant and Haskell Springer

Herman Melville's

Herman Melville's Moby-Dick has, since its publication in 1851, been revised in substantial ways that alter its original meaning.

Melville's masterpiece is described as a "fluid text": it exists in multiple versions, each revealing shifting intentions. The new Longman Critical Edition, edited by scholars John Bryant and Haskell Springer, offers unprecedented access to the revisions that Melville made, the further changes and censoring imposed by his British editors, and controversial alterations made by modern scholars.


Bryant and Springer's introduction engages readers in the personal, social, and cultural context of Melville's novel, his life, and his writing process. To showcase the novel's "fluid text" features, a special typeface indicates hundreds of passages that were later revised, edited, and censored. On-page "Revision Narratives" explain the stories behind the major changes, and Explanatory Notes at the back of the book discuss literary allusions, as well as contemporary social, political, philosophical, and cultural references - some never before explained in any edition.

A review in Library Journal calls it a "grand achievement that will benefit readers for ages."

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