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Boston, MA - April 14, 2009 - As the first $44 billion in education stimulus funds are making their way to school districts, Education Secretary Arne Duncan emphasized that America is facing head-on a "once in a life-time opportunity to lay the groundwork for a generation of education reforms." The education and technology company Pearson has signed up to help schools across the country make these reforms happen.

To help educators sort through the stimulus provisions, Pearson has created an integrated set of resources including: assistance for grant writers, funding and grant webinars, informational videos, responses to frequently asked questions, a blog at, and an email hotline for all stimulus-related questions at As the funds continue to flow, Pearson's website will be updated regularly with the latest information to assist educators in accessing the stimulus dollars, while also providing an easy-to-use correlation of Pearson's programs to the individual pockets of federal funding.

"Secretary Duncan said that the stimulus package provides a 'magical' opportunity to take a giant leap forward in improving teaching and learning. With districts being challenged to create programs that produce results, we're asking: 'What can Pearson do today to help schools maximize this incredible opportunity?,'" noted Pearson's Grants and Funding Manager Grace Stopani. She added, "We believe the answer is to work hand-in-hand with schools, cutting through the clutter to find the best education solutions that meet the needs of students and teachers in each of the funding categories."

Stopani noted, "It can be overwhelming to try to figure out which money -IDEA, Title I, Title II-D, Title III, Head Start, Stabilization Funds - can be used for which types of education solutions. Our team of certified grants and funding experts works with these funding categories every day, and we have initiated this campaign to share our expertise with districts so they can understand and access these dollars quickly." She added, "However schools are prioritizing these funds - whether it be for English learners or other minority populations, reading or math intervention, tutoring, helping students with disabilities, teacher training, achieving AYP, supplementary materials, technology or custom solutions - we are ready to help them identify how they can use their stimulus funding to meet their school's unique needs."

The website outlines the various stimulus funding programs and how Pearson's programs directly match ARRA dollars. Pearson is also offering schools the option of customized solutions for their particular needs.

Additionally, Pearson has published "Pocket Guide: Making Sense of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act," now available on the website which highlights the ARRA's funding themes: reform, world-class education, modernizing classrooms, 21st century skills, and accountability. The "Pocket Guide" includes an at-a-glance chart of funding categories, dollar amounts, distribution plans/timelines, and usage requirements.

President Obama has said that he envisions his education reform policy will help ensure "every child in this country gets a world-class education from the day they're born until the day they graduate from college." Pearson shares that vision - and through innovation, intervention and assessment, technology and custom solutions will continue its investment in creating the very best education programs for teachers and students everywhere.

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