"Invest in education to beat recession, boost earnings," OECD says

Invest in Education

OECD report highlights the benefits of higher education

"Invest in education to beat recession, boost earnings"

A university education leads to higher lifetime earnings, better security against unemployment and even better health, according to the annual Education at a Glance report by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The OECD's report highlights the earnings premium that university graduates can expect during their lifetimes, totalling an average of $186,000 for men and $134,000 for women across OECD countries. These premiums are far higher in some countries, including for both genders in the U.S. and for Italian men and Portuguese women.

Among the report's other findings are a rapid increase in the number of people with university or other advanced degrees in OECD countries, fast growth in early childhood education, and a decrease in most countries in the number of people leaving school at the minimum leaving age.

For access to the OECD report, click here.