FT unveils new innovative audience measure

LONDON: 12 May 2010: The Financial Times today launches the estimated Average Daily Global Audience (ADGA). With independent assurance from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the model measures the number of people globally who, on an average day, read FT journalism in print and online.

ADGA uses a combination of sources including syndicated national and regional readership surveys, unique user and browser data, FT research based on large samples of its reader/user base as well as ABC circulation figures. Duplicated consumption is removed and PwC, who also audit the FT’s ABC figures, provides independent assurance

The new measure responds to the demands of media partners seeking more comprehensive and relevant audience analysis across the industry. The rapid expansion of digital channels has meant that traditional, single-channel audience measures have failed to keep pace with the reality of readership patterns.

Anita Hague, Global Research Director at the FT, said: “We are delighted to be able to launch ADGA, a pioneering audience measure that has been developed in line with the needs of the media industry.  It offers our clients and their agencies a new way to better understand and quantify our audience in a multi-platform environment, and we hope it will appeal to other media owners as a useful tool to capture the true number of readers and users of content, in print and online.”

James Jennings, Joint Managing Director, Maxus, said: “As an agency we are constantly striving for - and challenged to deliver - greater accountability and understanding of audiences in a rapidly evolving media landscape. On and offline can no longer be treated as silos or disparate disciplines. The FT’s recognition of this need, with a clear and transparent approach, should be seen as an important step forward, as well as a sign of confidence in their continuing ability to deliver the right audience across multiple touchpoints.”

Ben Hughes, Global Commercial Director and Deputy CEO at the FT, added: “We believe this assured data will increase transparency in the media industry.  More importantly for the FT, it provides additional evidence that our daily audience, which includes the world’s most powerful decision-makers, is growing strongly and has now reached 1.9 million.”

The new measurement was run on May and November 2009 data, showing positive growth in the number of readers throughout last year from 1,833,466 to 1,905,636.  The aim is to continue on a six-monthly basis, and to increase the number of channels in line with a constantly evolving media landscape.

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