90+ partner coalition transforms lives through literacy: Founding partner Pearson releases 2016 Annual Report for Project Literacy campaign


London - Today, Pearson releases its 2016 Project Literacy Annual Report. As the world’s learning company, Pearson launched Project Literacy in 2015 as a diverse coalition-based campaign to raise public awareness of the global illiteracy crisis and accelerate innovation. Over £6.5 million in direct and in-kind contributions supported Project Literacy activities in 2016.

Kate James, Chief Corporate Affairs and Global Marketing Officer for Pearson as well as Project Literacy spokesperson, said: “Illiteracy is one of the largest but least visible global humanitarian challenges. And we know the only way to put a dent in the 758 million people today without basic literacy skills is through the power of partnership - more than 90 partners are now actively supporting Project Literacy.”

The 2016 Project Literacy Annual Report describes how Pearson has built a multi-sector coalition, which today stands at over 100 partners; has reached over 2.5 billion people through award-winning campaigns; and is helping improve access to literacy for over 700,000 learners - adults who are learning to read for the first time, parents who now have the tools and the confidence to be their children’s first teacher, and children who are better able to access education through improved literacy.

David Risher, CEO of Worldreader, said of the campaign: “Thanks to our partnership with Project Literacy and Pearson, tens of thousands of parents in India are now reading with their young children. This can only happen thanks to Project Literacy’s commitment to social innovation. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together and look forward to sharing our results and building on our success to get millions reading everywhere.”

Project Literacy also encourages community members to support literacy through volunteering and has referred over 20,000 volunteers to partner organizations. One of these volunteers participated in a Pearson-funded parent engagement program with the London based National Literacy Trust and said: “I really enjoyed being able to go into a local school and work with families and children...I saw the improvement the children and parents made over the short time I volunteered.”

It is through these types of targeted programmes, multi-sector partnerships and mass awareness efforts that Project Literacy and its partners are working to close the global literacy gap by 2030.

For more information on Project Literacy, visit www.projectliteracy.com.

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