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  • Reformed Functional Skills | Standard Setting

    Hello and welcome to an update on the reform of Functional Skills English and Maths.

    This September saw the introduction of the Pearson reformed Functional Skills qualifications in English and Maths. There have been changes to both content and assessment structure from the legacy qualifications to the reformed qualifications, however there was no intention from the regulator Ofqual, for there to be a change in the standard of the qualifications.

  • Reformed Functional Skills qualifications are ready for first teach on 1st September

    Welcome to an update on the reform of Functional Skills English and maths.

    Our new qualifications are live from the 1st September, Pearson’s offer has been shaped by the needs of teachers and learners. We have our FREE interactive schemes of work available to help with your planning, these include the embedding of our free and paid for resources to help deliver the new qualifications as smoothly and effectively as possible.

  • From Mum to Manager - how apprenticeships transformed the career of one work returner

    Toni Pitts was a work returner with a young child when she started working for Pearson in 2007. With only a handful of formal qualifications she was looking for extra income that fitted in with looking after her young son James on a term-time only basis. Her first role was making appointments for Pearson Primary sales reps. Toni herself admits at the time her confidence was low and her aspirations limited.

  • An apprentice marketing apprenticeships: part one

    My name is Lauren Smithers and I've recently started an apprenticeship as a Marketing Executive for Pearson promoting -  apprenticeships! In this unique position I'm going to write regularly about apprenticeships generally and what's it's really like to be an apprentice in 2018.