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  • Entry Level 3 Functional Skills in Apprenticeships

    Hello and welcome to Pearson’s Functional Skills Blog for June 2024. This month we will be taking a look at the decision to extend the apprenticeship English and maths flexibilities pilot. Under new rules, apprentices can work towards and pass a lower level of Functional Skills English and maths at Entry Level 3 without an EHCP as long as there is an identified need. Many of these learners might not have an EHCP in place and this chance provides more opportunities for these learners to access apprenticeships and to develop the necessary skills for their job roles.

  • Festival of Functionality

    Hello and welcome to this month’s Functional Skills blog. In September and October 2022, Pearson will be hosting Festival of Functionality, a series of online events to support tutors of Functional Skills, ESOL and EDSQ provisions and help prepare them for the new academic year of delivery. This will be our largest CPD event with over 20 hours of CPD and updates available for tutors and managers, free of charge.

  • Research, Results and Digital learning

    Hello and welcome to an update on Reformed Functional Skills.

    This month we have been doing some future gazing about what might be happening in the world of post 16 English and maths from September 2020 onwards.

  • Lessons Learnt

    Hello and welcome to an update on reformed Functional Skills English and maths.

  • Education in the Time of Covid-19

    (with apologies to Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

    Hello and welcome to an update on the reform of Functional Skills English and maths.

    Like many of you I’m sure, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time over the last nine weeks discussing the current situation with colleagues in education predicting the impact and ramifications of Covid on our sector. With all the normal caveats of a fast-moving and uncertain situation firmly in place, this is a summary of these conversations and looks at the bigger topics of discussion.

  • Reformed Functional Skills | Standard Setting

    Hello and welcome to an update on the reform of Functional Skills English and Maths.

    This September saw the introduction of the Pearson reformed Functional Skills qualifications in English and Maths. There have been changes to both content and assessment structure from the legacy qualifications to the reformed qualifications, however there was no intention from the regulator Ofqual, for there to be a change in the standard of the qualifications.