New Financial Times Electronic Publishing Business Created

In a further move to capitalise on the Financial Times brand, the Information division of Pearson plc is bringing all its electronicpublishing for business markets under one roof. The move will make the flagship website the hub for the electronic delivery of Financial Times content and the specialised company, general news and financial data provided by FT Profile and other FT information services. The new business will be called Financial Times Electronic Publishing.

Substantial elements of the newly expanded site will be subscription based, with paid-for access to the full FT archive, which comprises 3000 international sources, news alert and media monitoring services. will also provide around-the-clock coverage of the world’s major markets, a global company research service, specialist services (such as information on emerging markets), and access to Europe’s largest personal finance site.

David Bell, chairman of the Financial Times and Executive Director of Pearson’s Information division, said:

"We aim to build a competitive Financial Times franchise on the web, so that we can consolidate our position as the leading international business information publisher in Europe and support the growth of the FT brand in the US and Asia. Business users of the internet want timely, relevant and easily accessible information and analysis. They value good writing and comprehensive archives from a source they know and trust. This is ideal territory for the FT.

" will become a web-based gateway to the business and financial information and analysis of the kind the FT excels at producing. It will carry all the FT’s general business information content and provide a seamless link to all our more specialist web sites as well."

Donal Smith, who currently runs FT Electronic Business Information, will be managing director of the new business. A new editor-in-chief will be appointed who will report to Richard Lambert, editor of the Financial Times newspaper, and Mr Smith. Tony Blin-Stoyle, currently director of electronic publishing at the FT, will be the commercial director.

Web technology is being provided by IBM, which will be bringing its latest e-business technologies to the project as part of an extension of its existing website support.


The Financial Times web site is

1.The Financial Times is part of the information division of Pearson plc, the international media group. The newspaper is printed in London, Frankfurt, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Stockholm, Los Angeles, Leeds, Madrid and Hong Kong and is read by more than a million people in over 140 countries world-wide.

2.Financial Times Information is one of the leading providers of specialist financial and business information to the asset management, investment research and general business information markets around the world. It comprises Extel, Interactive Data, FT Profile, the Broadcast Monitoring Company (BMC), Asia Intelligence Wire and joint ventures news agency AFX News.

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