Addison Wesley Longman and Headland Digital Media Partner For Distance Learning on World Wide Web

Addison Wesley Longman and Headland Digital Media, both Pearson companies, announced today an alliance to provide fully accredited educational materials from leading institutions to students via the World Wide Web. The venture will publish learning and teaching systems so that students of any age and from anywhere in the world can advance their academic degrees online. Leading universities and distinguished scholars and instructors will offer the curriculum.

The alliance is designed for students who want to take academic subjects such as business, mathematics, communications, and computer science by means of the Internet. The venture will also provide online solutions to help students develop the skills and training to succeed outside the classroom. Students will be able to download materials directly from the World Wide Web, thus reducing their costs of commuting and housing, and permitting flexible scheduling. The programs are expected to reach existing students and to extend fully accredited courses to students who might not otherwise be able to attain a college degree.

Each partner brings considerable expertise and industry-specific success to the venture. Addison Wesley Longman, through its global publishing business, has relationships with many of the most respected and highly regarded authors of educational texts. They have also fostered strategic relationships with top academic institutions.

Headland Digital Media will add leading-edge technology to Addison Wesley Longman's proven educational expertise. Already at the forefront of building speedy, secure, and scaleable Internet publishing systems, Headland Digital Media will help to develop the content for online use and will develop the requisite Internet delivery and storage procedures required for the venture.

"This partnership reflects two linked, recent developments: the evolution of the World Wide Web and the education community's expansion into entirely new markets," said Ed Moura, vice president and general manager at Addison Wesley Longman. "What most people are seeing as merely a vehicle for entertainment, reference and advertising also has the power to teach and to train. Headland knows how to help translate AWL's existing publishing expertise to take advantage of this opportunity."

"We are very pleased that AWL has selected Headland's advanced technological solutions for delivering its content," said Mark Nieker, president of Headland Digital Media. "This agreement is the next stage in our continuing strategy of building mutually beneficial partnerships with other Pearson companies, but it's also a validation that the technological infrastructure on which we've been focusing is the viable solution for traditional media publishers."


Addison Wesley Longman
Addison Wesley Longman is one of the largest global educational publishers, selling books, multimedia and learning programs in all
academic disciplines to the primary, secondary, higher education, professional and English language teaching markets throughout the

Headland Digital Media
Headland Digital Media creates, publishes, and distributes branded Internet programming, integrating themes and content from
traditional media companies, third party content providers and self-developed original concepts. The company has successfully
introduced more than a dozen digital
publications in multiple areas of specialization including games, event -based publishing, distance learning and commerce.

AWL and Headland Digital Media are both part of the Pearson Group. Pearson plc, headquartered in London, is an international
provider of media content and is comprised of information, education and entertainment companies. In addition to AWL and Headland,
some of its companies include: the Financial Times, Penguin Putnam Inc., The Economist Group (50%), Pearson Professional,
Mindscape, and Pearson Television.

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