AWL, Daedalus and Headland Partner to Bring Collaborative Writing Environment to the Internet

Addison Wesley Longman (AWL), The Daedalus Group, and Headland Digital Media have formed an alliance to launch Daedalus Online, the next generation of the award-winning Daedalus Integrated Writing Environment (DIWE). Daedalus Online, a collaborative writing and composition environment, extends DIWE's most popular features from a local area network to the Internet. Available to educators this fall, Daedalus Online can be purchased either as a stand-alone publication or fully integrated within online versions of such best-selling Longman handbooks as The Longman Handbook for Writers and Readers and The Little, Brown Handbook.

"This alliance reinforces our leadership position in the distance learning market," said Jim Behnke, vice president, director of new media, Addison Wesley Longman. "We are proving that text- and web-based mediums can work together by integrating the ground breaking pedagogical work of Daedalus, the top-selling Longman texts, and Headland's technological expertise."

Using Daedalus Online, students can improve their composition skills by exploring online resources and learning to write in a collaborative, computer-mediated environment outside the classroom. Educators can take advantage of a comprehensive suite of online course management tools for managing an online class, dynamically linking assignments, and facilitating a heuristic approach for writing instruction.

"We are very excited by our new partnership," says Daedalus CEO Wayne Butler. "We now have the opportunity to convert everything we've learned about online learning in a LAN environment into an Internet product. We are especially pleased to work with our new partners because AWL has an established reputation as a publisher of high-quality educational materials and Headland has an impressive track record for developing innovative Internet applications. The Daedalus-Longman-Headland alliance combines exceptional, innovative writing and learning process tools with high-quality content and the best Internet technologies currently available."

"There is an explosion of interest in the Internet in colleges and universities," said Roth Wilkofsky, vice president and general manager of Longman, AWL's humanities and social sciences publisher. "With this partnering of three of the marketplace's strongest brands, Longman, Daedalus, and Headland, our publishing program becomes, in effect, Internet enabled. I predict there will be enormous excitement in the marketplace about our new venture together."

Daedalus Online, created with the Headland Digital Publishing System, features:

Pre-writing prompts and strategies: The Daedalus Online "Invent" feature provides students with brainstorming and writing prompts proven to develop their critical-thinking skills.

Computer-mediated conferencing: Daedalus Online features a host on conferencing tools - including "InterChange" for real-time conferencing, plus e-mail capabilities, discussion groups and bulletin boards. These empower a collaborative exchange of ideas to facilitate a dynamic peer-based writing environment.

Peer collaboration and review: Daedalus Online's "Respond" module makes it easy for students to provide online comments and recommendations to their classmates.

Comprehensive writing support: The integrated Longman handbooks allow quick and extensive access to rules of style and composition. And, the "BiblioCite" module facilitates the creation of a bibliography.

Internet-based delivery: Because it's available online, educators and students can easily access Daedalus Online from any computer location with access to the World Wide Web.

Secure, any-time availability: All courses are hosted from a secure, world-class Internet server enabling users to access their work with a password 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"More and more professors and instructors of higher education are looking for online courseware solutions that integrate their preferred textbooks with distance learning technologies. We are helping Daedalus and Longman meet this demand by backing their high-quality course content with the scaleable online systems and management tools that make up the Headland Digital Publishing System," said Mark Nieker, president, Headland Digital Media. "The best online learning applications create custom environments that can handle the unique interactions of a given discipline or presentation format. From setup to updates and support, the design and engineering behind the Daedalus Online product should provide a real competitive advantage."

The three partners are collaborating on the design of Daedalus Online. In addition, the Daedalus Group will provide pedagogical support and offer various face-to-face and online training products and services. Headland Digital Media will program Daedalus Online and manage the Internet servers. Longman will market and sell Daedalus Online, and provide online content and end-user technical support for the product.

In-class testing at key university campuses for Daedalus Online will commence this summer. Educators interested in participating in testing, learning more about anticipated features, or exploring purchasing opportunities may locate their nearest Addison Wesley Longman sales representative at . Additional information will also be available on March 1, 1999, at the Daedalus Online website located at


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