Pearson Education Introduces "Open Book Publishing"

Upper Saddle River, NEW JERSEY ? Pearson Education, the world's leading education publisher, announced today that it will introduce "Open Book Publishing," a major initiative with the goal of achieving 100% factual accuracy in every one of its 45,000 school textbooks and ancillary materials.

After speaking yesterday at a BT Alex. Brown conference titled "Making the Grade: Educational Publishing at the Millennium," Peter Jovanovich, Chief Executive Officer of Pearson Education, outlined the basics of the new program. Jovanovich said, "Open Book Publishing is an example of the approach that Pearson Education takes to educational publishing. We already have very high quality assurance standards; but, as we bring Addison Wesley Longman and the Simon & Schuster education businesses together to form Pearson Education, we realize that with being a leader comes the responsibility to do even more. Open Book Publishing is more.



Pearson Education's Open Book Publishing policy statement is available upon request.


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