FT Knowledge , The Judge - And A First For Cambridge

FT Knowledge has joined forces with Cambridge University's business school, the Judge Institute of Management, to develop an Executive MBA for the 21st century. Combining close contact with world leading management experts and innovative online and interactive learning options, this prestigious and flexible alternative is expected to be offered to MBA candidates around the globe from September 2001.

Entry requirements, programme structure, academic content and examinations will be the same as for the full-time residential Cambridge MBA. The new 2-year course will include four intensive residential sessions (approximately 2-3 weeks in length), supported by online distributed materials and collaborative learning sessions. It is anticipated that students will work in virtual teams of approximately 8-10, supported within the e-learning environment by subject experts, learning process tutors and a team administrator throughout the 2-year programme.

Commenting on the new joint initiative, FT Knowledge CEO Pippa Wicks said: "This is excellent news for busy middle and senior managers who wish to pursue an MBA qualification, but are unable to commit to a full-time residential course. This new option will allow them the academic rigour of The Cambridge MBA, the flexibility of a new and dynamic e-learning environment and the prestige of an MBA from Cambridge University.

"FT Knowledge is totally committed to the development of interactive, online learning opportunities and is currently working with a number of the world's leading business schools to bring these to market. The future of management and business education lies in our ability to adapt learning methodologies to reflect the changing lifestyles and requirements of senior executives. This is a classic example of that principle in practice."

Students of the new MBA course will access up to 35% of the programme via open learning materials developed by staff at the Judge Institute of Management and FT Knowledge and delivered via new technologies. The remaining 65% of the programme will be delivered in a more traditional face-taught environment during the twice-yearly residential courses. Upon completion of the programme, successful applicants will be awarded the degree of Master of Business Administration from the University of Cambridge.

"This proposal offers the University an unrivalled opportunity to enter the world of lifelong learning and to allow the most able students to participate in The Cambridge MBA", comments Professor Sandra Dawson, Director of the Judge Institute.

"Very able students occupying significant managerial posts in any part of the world will now be able to take The Cambridge MBA while still maintaining their employment. Although spending most of the time away from Cambridge, they will become an integral part of the student cohort, benefiting from the lifelong networking opportunities on which Cambridge alumni currently thrive. This partnership offers the Judge Institute the chance to be amongst the leaders in the field and the opportunity to increase access to its leading MBA programme."

The Judge Institute of Management is Cambridge University's business school. It was founded in 1990 and has grown rapidly to take its current position as one of the world's leading schools. It now has over 200 students along with an international faculty of some 70 teaching and research staff. It offers a portfolio of undergraduate, graduate and executive management programmes, including the MBA.

FT Knowledge is one of the world's fastest-growing specialists in the use of new technologies for internationally accredited business and management education. Already an established expert in open and distance learning programmes and materials, FT Knowledge is part of the global communications group Pearson plc, and, as such, provides direct access to one of the largest portfolios of intellectual copyright in the world.

For further information on the Judge Institute of Management or FT Knowledge, please visit the relevant websites at www.jims.cam.ac.uk and www.ftknowledge-cambridge.com

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