Learning Network Launches As Internet's Premier Education Source For "Learning Without Limits"

Learning Network for K-12 Kicks Off Launch for New School Year; Online Reference Resource and Store Also Live

Today, Learning Network launched as the Internet's premier education source. Initiated by Pearson plc - the international media company that owns several of the world's leading education and financial publishing companies - the much-anticipated Learning Network debuted its first market-focused offering, "Learning Network for K-12," with resources for K-12 parents, teachers, and students, as well as an integrated reference channel and Learning Network store. Resources for Higher Education, Professional Development, and Lifelong Learning markets will round out Learning Network early next year.

The launch of Learning Network (www.LearningNetwork.com) is the biggest e-learning initiative to date, with daily contributions from educational experts, leading publishers, and technology companies from around the globe. Offering an array of educational tools, content, and resources unmatched by existing educational entities, Learning Network enables "learning without limits" through an organized framework based on decades of educational expertise. From an individual eager to explore a hobby, to a college student researching an assignment, to a school district looking to share classroom resources with students and parents at home, Learning Network is the place to go for online learning and education.

"Today's anytime, anywhere approach to learning - via the Internet - acknowledges technology as an unequivocal partner to education," said Phil Hoffman, CEO of Learning Network. "Learning Network opens up an online educational environment for e-learners of all ages. Its unique combination of resources excites and inspires learners within a safe, secure, and convenient community. Our initial focus - the intersection between elementary and secondary educators, students, and their parents - is just the first in a series of such market-focused solutions."

Key to Learning Network is its breadth of content and resource alliances, all of which are integrated within user-focused channels. Providers to Learning Network for K-12 include: Blackboard.com, Classroom Connect, Computer Curriculum Corporation, Dorling Kindersley, EdGate.com, eSCORE.com, FamilyEducation.com, Globe Fearon, Pearson Learning, Penguin Putnam, Prentice Hall, Scott Foresman, and SkyLight Professional Development.

"Learning Network for K-12 brings the best of online education to one location," said Mark Nieker, President of Learning Network. "By leveraging quality educational content from our alliance partners and our own FamilyEducation.com, and with the best education associations and organizations, we intend to extend classroom activities and school-related information into families' homes, empowering parents, teachers, and students to reach their fullest learning potential."

Learning Network for K-12
Learning Network for K-12 consists of three channels, the Parent Channel, the Teacher Channel, and the Student Channel, each of which integrates resources, tools, and information from a variety of traditional and online educational publishers with Learning Network's own educational resources. Activities for the classroom and the home are designed to work together, so that exercises undertaken at home support learning already taking place in the classroom. Safe and secure communication features allow parents, teachers, and students to exchange information and share student progress.

The Parent Channel provides parents new ways to:


  • Participate in, and support, a child's education.
  • Access lesson plans, track student progress, and communicate with teachers and other parents.
  • Buy supplementary online and text-based products that will enhance children's learning.

The Teacher Channel enables educators to:


  • Gain additional qualifications that enhance their professional development.
  • Plan lessons, share ideas with other teachers, and integrate online learning activities and tools with classroom instruction.
  • Develop customized individual student learning programs and securely post grades online.
  • Communicate with parents to discuss and monitor student progress against state and national standards.
  • Buy supplementary text and online education programs and learning tools.

The Student Channel helps kindergarten through twelfth graders:


  • Master curriculum-based concepts and real-life learning skills through a secure, supportive, and completely interactive environment.
  • Practice skills and communicate with schoolmates and teachers online.
  • Complete schoolwork supplements, take review and practice tests, and get homework help.

Learning Network for Reference
Learning Network for Reference is an online tool for learners that features award-winning content from well-known information sources: The heart of the effort is Learning Network's own Infoplease and Fact Monster channels, which provide comprehensive interactive reference material for learners of all ages. These interactive resources include almanacs, travel destination information, and fun facts.

Learning Network Store
The majority of Learning Network content is free. A subset of the products and services offered on Learning Network are available for a fee. These for-fee products are available primarily in the Learning Network Store, an e-commerce section. The Learning Network Store provides a safe, secure shopping environment that supports each "sub-Network" and from which one can buy learning and educational products in a variety of media - including online subscriptions, books, software, videos, games, and music - all within a single, easy-to-navigate interface. Through qualified product reviews and rankings, sales of products are linked to specific learning objectives. Customized publishing enables users to create online and offline products that meet their specific needs.

Additional Network Roll-Outs
In addition to today's launch of Learning Network for K-12, the following "sub-Networks" will launch early next year to round out Learning Network offerings for all ages: Learning Network for Higher Education will provide resources that meet the needs of both faculty and students and foster collaboration between them; Learning Network for Professional Development is designed for individuals seeking to increase their professional skills either on their own or with the support of an employer; and Learning Network for Lifelong Learning will offer resources that address the needs of the individual learner by providing information and tools targeting such popular consumer subjects as personal finance, travel, music, computing, and health. Each will debut with a similarly powerful combination of Learning Network- and third-party-created content and resources.

About Learning Network
Learning Network, the Internet's premier education source, offers an unmatched array of online educational tools, content, resources, and communities serving the K-12, Higher Education, Professional Development, and Lifelong Learning markets. Learning Network is built on a strong foundation of Pearson Education imprints, including Addison Wesley Longman, Allyn & Bacon, Computer Curriculum Corporation, Dorling Kindersley, FT Knowledge, Globe Fearon, Macmillan USA, Pearson Learning, Pearson Technology Group, Penguin Putnam, Prentice Hall, Scott Foresman, and SkyLight; as well as educational properties from leading technology companies, including Blackboard, Classroom Connect, EdGate.com, eSCORE (a unit of SCORE! Learning, Inc.), FamilyEducation.com, InformIT, and others. Learning Network has business offices in San Francisco, New York City, Boston, and Paramus, NJ.

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