FT Interactive Data announces European launch of BondEdge.

FT Interactive Data announces the European launch of leading fixed income portfolio analytics system, BondEdge®.

BondEdge, the leading fixed income portfolio analytics system in the US institutional market for over 20 years, is being introduced to the European market in response to developments in global bond portfolio management. BondEdge offers comprehensive reporting tools and analyses – including benchmark comparisons and performance attribution – for diversified fixed income portfolios.

Used by investment management firms, pension funds, insurance companies, banks and brokerage houses, BondEdge is an indispensable tool for those who want to understand the implications of their investment strategy and proactively manage the risks in their portfolios.

Teri Geske, senior vice president of product development and marketing for BondEdge, explains: “We’ve spent the past 12 to 18 months incorporating functionality based on feedback from European portfolio managers. For both global and domestic portfolios, BondEdge offers critical tools for managing multiple risk factors effectively, including in-depth portfolio comparisons against a variety of benchmark indices.” Key portfolio characteristics, such as average maturity, option-adjusted duration and convexity, and average quality are easily summarised using the BondEdge standard reports or user-defined customised reports. Interest rate risk is measured by duration and by yield curve distribution on a country-by-country basis, and currency hedges can be incorporated using currency forward rate agreements. The system provides over 20 benchmark government yield curves and more than 40 currencies, all updated daily from FT Interactive Data.

BondEdge now includes benchmark indices covering the most popular global government bond indices and more are being added in response to demand from European investors. The system also offers a complete performance attribution analysis explaining the sources of portfolio returns in terms of income, interest rate moves, sector and quality allocations, individual security selection and currency effects. Portfolios can be analysed separately, or versus a benchmark, to help examine the reasons for achieving returns over the selected time period. BondEdge clients have access to a global database of 50,000 securities, including sovereigns, supranationals and futures. A US securities database of Treasuries, agencies, corporates, mortgage pools, collateralised mortgage obligations (CMOs), asset-backed securities (ABS) and commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) is also available. The system provides user-defined security models, making it easy to include non-public securities, loans and other assets in a portfolio for analysis.

Laurie Adami, president of the BondEdge operation, adds: “The changes taking place in the fixed income marketplace highlight the importance of analytical tools that are flexible, able to handle a broad spectrum of security types and ready to change as conditions demand. BondEdge gives that flexibility and is designed to handle the simplest to the most complex fixed income management needs.”

A launch event to introduce BondEdge to the fixed income community in the UK is being held today at the Financial Times, One Southwark Bridge, London.


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Through BondEdge®, FT Interactive Data is a recognised leader in fixed income portfolio analytical software, independent research and valuation tools.

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