NCS Pearson releases newest version of internet test delivery system

eMeasurement Services Offers Expanded Features and Capabilities

NCS Pearson today announced the release of the newest version of eMeasurement? Services, its suite of tools for the secure delivery and reporting of student assessments via the Internet. This version incorporates many functions and features to enhance the test taking experience for both students and their teachers.

Students now have access to eTools?, a set of online testing aids that includes a compass, straight edge, calculator, and protractor, that are used when taking a test. Using eTools, students can answer test questions that require their use directly online. eTools also includes a Periodic Table of the Elements and tools to help students use test-taking strategies, including a highlighter and a tool that allows students to mark through those answer choices they do not wish to consider.

Navigation throughout all components of eMeasurement Services has been enhanced, making the system easier to use and it offers expanded capabilities to assign specific test forms, or versions, to individual students. This will allow improved sampling of student responses across multiple versions of a test as well as making it possible to assign different test forms to students to better preserve the security of test questions by controlling their exposure.

The new version of eMeasurement Services provides comprehensive tutorials to acquaint students and educators with the system. These tutorials can be used online or downloaded to the user's computer and used as often as needed.

Students and teachers in Virginia used this version of eMeasurement Services during the comparability study that was recently conducted as part of the state's Standards of Learning web-based assessments testing program. During the comparability study, the first official student scores from web-based tests were recorded within the state's testing program.

"Test administrators and teachers in the schools that participated in the study found the technology reliable and easy to use," said Lan Neugent, assistant superintendent for technology at the Virginia Department of Education. "The students were enthusiastic and did very well. Virginia students are comfortable with technology and see the benefits of online testing."

"Computer technologies and the Internet will allow us to deliver tests and their results more quickly and efficiently. NCS Pearson continually refines and expands the services we offer our customers. It is important that the online testing experience be easy and enjoyable for both students and teachers." said Steve Kromer, vice president, Measurement Services, NCS Pearson.

Educators in New Jersey also are currently using the system to access disaggregated score reports for the Elementary School Proficiency Assessments and the Grade Eight Proficiency Assessments.


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