Benjamin Cummings and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press to Publish New Edition of a Molecular Biology Classic

Molecular Biology of the Gene fifth edition By James D. Watson, Tania A. Balker, Stephen P. Bell, Alexander Gann, Michael Levine, and Richard Losick

San Francisco, CA - Benjamin Cummings, an imprint of the world's largest educational publisher, Pearson Education, and the distinguished not-for-profit science publisher Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, the publication division of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, will jointly publish the fifth edition of James Watson's renowned textbook Molecular Biology of the Gene in December 2003. The release of the fifth edition coincides with the 50th anniversary of the publication of the article by James Watson and Francis Crick that reported the structure of the DNA double helix.

The first edition of Dr Watson's classic text appeared in 1965.  The new edition, written with five new authors, has been brought fully up to date, and incorporates insights very recently derived from genome sequencing in many organisms.  The book is an authoritative and comprehensive survey of the fundamentals of molecular biology, from basic mechanisms to the elaborate role of gene regulation in embryonic development and evolution. Although updated, the twenty-one chapters of the new edition retain the distinctive and celebrated features of the original work, including introductory chapters on the history of genetics and molecular biology and an emphasis throughout on the chemical underpinnings of molecular biology.

The authors, Tania A. Baker (MIT), Stephen P. Bell (MIT), Alexander Gann (Cold Spring Laboratory), Michael Levine (UC Berkeley), Richard Losick (Harvard University), and James D. Watson (Cold Spring Laboratory), bring to this new edition award-winning teaching experience and outstanding research achievements.  By revealing the intellectual framework and experimental approaches that made new discoveries in the field possible, the new edition highlights the significance of the molecular approach for all of biology. For more information about this exciting new text, please visit our online tour at


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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has helped shape many of the major developments in molecular biology. Now in its 113th year, the Laboratory conducts research on genetics and molecular biology in the fields of cancer, neuroscience, plant genetics, and bioinformatics. James D. Watson, Laboratory President, was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1962 for co-discovery of the double helix of DNA.  Five other Nobel laureates and many other exceptional scientists and educators have worked at the Laboratory.

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