Pearson Education acquires LessonLab

The premier teacher professional development and education research company

Research-Based Learning Model Expands Pearson Education's Professional Development For K-12 Teachers

Upper Saddle River, NJ - Pearson Education, the world's leading educational publisher (NYSE: PSO), has acquired LessonLab, a pioneer in education research and state-of-the-art technologies for teaching and professional development. The agreement reflects the two companies' continued commitment to the importance of teacher quality and professional development, both integral elements of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2002.

Pearson Education previously held a minority ownership in LessonLab, and in 2001 announced a partnership to deliver LessonLab's online platform to Pearson Education's K-12 customers.

Beth Wray, formerly President of the Pearson Learning Group, has been named President of the new LessonLab, which incorporates all of Pearson Education's Professional Development businesses. Dr. James Stigler, who cofounded LessonLab in 1998, will stay on as CEO.

Dr. Stigler is Professor of Psychology at UCLA and Director of the TIMSS Video Studies (Third International Mathematics and Science Study), which involves videotaping and analyzing teaching practices in more than one thousand classrooms in various countries. He is also the co-author of two highly regarded books, The Teaching Gap and The Learning Gap.

LessonLab's mission is to understand and improve classroom teaching and learning. It has a large and constantly growing knowledge base that includes research into how teachers learn and videotaped examples of effective classroom practices. Through LessonLab's proprietary learning software, teachers can apply this research and analyze videotaped lessons to improve their own teaching methods.

LessonLab's customers include a number of school districts, state education departments, the Federal Department of Education, the College Board and education bodies from around the world. It has recently been awarded research grants from the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Education's new Institute of Education Sciences.

"LessonLab's prestigious research institute, along with its unique teacher learning model and technology platform, deepens Pearson Education's professional development strength," said Wray. "Research demonstrates a significant improvement in student academic achievement when districts invest in teacher professional development. Combined with Pearson Education's resources, LessonLab will be able to offer unprecedented professional development possibilities for teachers at every stage of their professional growth."

"LessonLab has developed new environments and technologies for professional learning which allow teachers to study and improve their practices in the classroom settings where they must ultimately be applied," said Dr. Stigler. "As part of Pearson Education, we now have the critical scale, resources and connections we need to fulfill our mission."

About Pearson Education

Educating 100 million people worldwide, Pearson Education is the global leader in educational publishing. With brands such as Pearson Prentice Hall, Pearson Scott Foresman, Pearson Addison Wesley, and many others, Pearson Education provides quality content, assessment tools and educational services in all available media, spanning the learning curve from birth through college and beyond.

Pearson Education is part of Pearson (NYSE: PSO), the international media company. Pearson's primary operations also include the Financial Times Group and the Penguin Group.

About LessonLab

Founded in 1998, LessonLab unites internationally recognized research on teaching and teacher learning, with cutting-edge software and program development services to improve classroom teaching. The core of LessonLab's platform is a suite of web-based software tools that enable teachers to study videotaped classroom sessions to improve their own performance. LessonLab works with various partner organizations including states, large school districts, public and private sector providers of teacher professional development services, textbook publishers, and universities to build standards-based teacher-learning programs on its innovative technology platform. For more information on LessonLab, please contact the company at 310-581-2300 or on the Web at


No Child Left Behind, the bipartisan education law signed by President Bush on January 8, 2002, mandates Professional Development and Teacher Quality as critical to student performance. NCLB outlines Professional Development as high-quality, sustained, intensive and classroom-focused efforts to prepare and support teachers to gain the skills that provide students with an opportunity to meet the challenges of state standards and learning goals. The great majority of funds for Title II (training and recruiting highly qualified teachers and principals), $2.9 billion in 2003 - an increase of over 39 percent since President Bush took office - is for the Improving Teacher Quality State Grants program.

To date, 35 states have implemented policy linking teacher certification and student content standards, while 9 states have begun the process of doing so, according to the U.S. Education Secretary's Report on Teacher Quality.