Penguin to publish book by Paul Burrell - butler to Princess Diana

London - Penguin Books today announced that it is to publish a book by Paul Burrell, butler to Diana Princess of Wales.

A Royal Duty tells the compelling story of Paul Burrell's life in service to the Royal Family and the close relationship he shared with Princess Diana.

The book will be on sale from Monday 27th October.

Tom Weldon, MD of Penguin General Books commented: "We are delighted to be publishing A Royal Duty.  It offers readers a unique insight into the life of the royal household and aims to correct many of the misconceptions that have grown up around Princess Diana.  Paul Burrell is perhaps the only person able to separate the myth from the truth of the Diana years."

Paul Burrell said, "Over the last six years, and particularly in the last eleven months since my trial ended at the Old Bailey, I have had time to reflect on the extraordinary events that I have witnessed.  During that time I have watched and listened as many individuals have claimed to know the truth about the Princess.  I know that what was claimed to be the truth is actually far from it.  I decided to write this book because I firmly believe that someone has to stand in the Princess's corner and fight for her now that she cannot do so herself.  I will always remain true to my duty.  I served the Royal Family for almost twenty years, first the Queen, then the Prince of Wales and finally Princess Diana and I remain a loyal subject.  However I believe the people of Britain and the wider world who loved the Princess deserve to know the truth about her life."

Penguin acquired world English language rights from Ali Gunn at Curtis Brown earlier this year.

First Serial rights have been sold to the Daily Mirror.

A Royal Duty is to be published in the United States by G P Putnam on 27th October.

Review copies will be available from Saturday 25th October.


A Royal Duty by Paul Burrell
Publication Date: Monday 27th October 2003
Michael Joseph Hardback Price  £17.99

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