Penguin to publish insider's account of John Kerry's campaign

Veteran Political Journalist and Biographer Paul Alexander has been granted unprecedented access to Senator Kerry, his senior campaign team, members of his inner circle, his wife, and other family members.  The new book from Riverhead Books will go on sale at the start of the Democratic Convention in July 2004

New York, New York - Senator John Kerry, surging past fellow presidential hopefuls in recent weeks, has emerged as the current front-runner in the Democratic race for the White House.  Now, people are asking: What accounted for his strong, decisive showing in every political contest since Iowa and why was none of that evident in the pre-Iowa polls?  How did Kerry's campaign stage this surprise turnaround?  What do voters need to know about what goes on behind the scenes of Kerry's presidential campaign?  Biographer and journalist Paul Alexander knows plenty and in his new book he will share with America what he has discovered.  Granted unprecedented access to Kerry's family, his campaign team, advisors, and members of his inner circle, Alexander sheds new light on the man who would be president.

Julie Grau, Vice President and Publisher of Riverhead Books, acquired world rights to the yet-to-be named book for Riverhead, a division of Penguin Group (USA).  The book will be embargoed before its national release on July 27, during the Democratic National Convention.

Ms. Grau said, "Paul and I felt there was a story to be told about how this campaign transformed itself in the months prior to Iowa, how it faced the post-Iowa contests, and how it is preparing for the run from July to November.  This is a deeper, more significant story that is not coming through in the daily reports from the campaign trail.  The fact that Paul has covered Kerry's candidacy for more than two years, and his ability to deliver a timely, investigative, news-making book at a key point in the election calendar presented an irresistible publishing proposition.  There's no doubt in my mind this book will create a new understanding of how this candidate is galvanizing his party and supporters."

Mr. Alexander commented, "Writing a book from the campaign trail presents a unique opportunity to tell an important national story with great immediacy.  The John Kerry story is dramatic, as is the story of how his campaign came together.  This is a very different organization than the one I reported on in 2002.  How decisions are being made now is a key indicator of how decisions will be made after the Democratic Convention and in the White House, should he defeat President Bush in November.  I can't imagine a story of greater national importance at this moment."

Two years ago, Paul Alexander wrote a piece for Rolling Stone magazine that now seems prophetic: he named John Kerry as the candidate who would emerge as the Democratic front-runner in 2004, and, more than a year before Kerry announced his candidacy,  identified the reasons why.  Since then, Mr. Alexander has been following the campaign?often from a privileged position on the inside.  This book will report what he saw, heard and witnessed about Senator Kerry and his campaign all along the way.

About the Author

Paul Alexander is a former reporter for Time magazine and has written for Rolling Stone, The New York Times Magazine, The Nation, New York magazine, The Village Voice, and the Guardian.  Alexander is the author of Man of the People: The Life of John McCain (2002) as well as biographies of Sylvia Plath, J.D. Salinger and James Dean.  Until recently, he was the co-host of "Batchelor & Alexander," a nationally syndicated talk radio show on the ABC radio network.  Alexander has also directed a documentary on Kerry's Vietnam years, entitled "Brothers in Arms."  He lives in New York City.


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