Financial Times To Print in Australia

FT is first global daily newspaper to print in Australia

The Financial Times will begin printing in Sydney, Australia, in autumn 2004 and will be the first global daily newspaper to launch offset printing in Australia. The Asia edition of the Financial Times will be available in Australia, bringing the FT's total number of print sites to 24, including London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Dubai and Johannesburg.

The FT launched its Asia edition - in print and online - in September last year, creating an editorial hub in Hong Kong to complete the FT's global newsroom. Complementing the FT's existing newsdesks in London and New York, the expanded Asia editorial team enables earlier and more flexible deadlines, ensuring that the newspaper can now be printed in Sydney in a timely fashion.

John Ridding, editor and publisher of the FT's Asia edition, said :

"We are tremendously excited to be the first international newspaper to print in Australia, as it is a clear vindication of our distinctly global strategy. We have always viewed Australia as an important market, both in terms of its domestic economy and as a significant player in international trade and investment.

 The Australian media market is both competitive and sophisticated, but our mission is not to compete on a local level, but to report, analyse and deliver the global and regional events which matter to Australian people doing business internationally. Our advantage is our global editorial network and our research has shown that there is a growing demand for the type of truly global, high-quality political and business coverage which the FT provides."

The Financial Times now has dedicated editions, both in print and online, for the UK, Continental Europe, US and Asia. The Asia edition has a circulation of 30,000 across the region.


The Financial Times in Asia

Last year, the Financial Times significantly expanded its presence across Asia.

  • In June 2003, the FT began printing and distributing How To Spend It, its award-winning monthly luxury goods magazine, across the region.
  • In June 2003, the FT launched The simplified Chinese language site, designed for China's fast-rising business community, meets a strong and growing demand for world class business intelligence. The site draws on exclusive material from the FT's global network of specialist reporters and award-winning commentators, and has already attracted over 35,000 registered users. The site provides an effective media vehicle for international advertisers who are keen to build their presence amongst China's business élite.
  • In September 2003, the FT expanded its network of journalists within the region and launched its dedicated Asia edition, both in print and online. The FT established a news editing operation in Hong Kong prior to the launch of the Asia edition, which now forms part of the company's global editorial network, alongside New York and London.
  • The FT currently sells 30,000 copies across Asia.
  • has 3.7m unique users worldwide, with 59.6m page views (ABCe Jan 2004)
  • By autumn 2004, the FT will be printed in 24 sites worldwide : London, Leeds, Dublin, Paris, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Milan, Madrid, New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Washington DC, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, Dubai, Johannesburg and Sydney.

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