Pearson Educational Measurement delivers largest volume of online assessments to date

Pearson Educational Measurement Delivers More Than One Million Tests in May; Largest Volume of Online Assessments to Date

Iowa City, Iowa - Pearson Educational Measurement (PEM), the largest comprehensive provider of educational assessment services, today announced that it delivered more than one million secure online tests in the month of May - the highest single monthly volume in the company's history.

"This is an historic accomplishment for our company that speaks to our ever-growing online assessment delivery capabilities," said Douglas Kubach, president of Pearson Educational Measurement. "In fact, this achievement demonstrates a 77 percent annual growth of our online assessments; we're proud that we have met our customers' needs for a comprehensive approach to high-stakes online test delivery."

PEM currently works with more than 20 states to meet their educational assessment requirements. Of those, nine states are currently doing online testing or pilot programs including Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah and Virginia.

All state assessments are part of the PEMSolutions(TM) (Pearson Educational Measurement Solutions) comprehensive approach to assessment that includes an innovative Web-based system to deliver tests while meeting the security requirements of high-stakes, large-scale assessment programs.

About Pearson Educational Measurement

Pearson Educational Measurement is the largest comprehensive provider of educational assessment products, services and solutions. As a pioneer in educational measurement, PEM has been a trusted partner in district, state and national assessments for more than 50 years. PEM helps educators and parents use testing and assessment to promote learning and academic achievement.

PEM's full-service offerings for K-12 and other assessment organizations include PEMSolutions(TM) (Pearson Educational Measurement Solutions) for custom assessments, both online and on paper; PASeries(TM) (Progress Assessment Series) for formative assessments; Perspective(TM) for performance reporting; EDWARD(TM) for assessment-based education data management and reporting, as well as other essential educational assessment products and services.

Pearson Educational Measurement operates as a business of Pearson Education, the world's largest education company. More information is available at

About PEMSolutions(TM)

PEMSolutions (Pearson Educational Measurement Solutions) is a comprehensive suite of custom assessment services to meet the specific needs of states and large school districts. PEMSolutions provides the ability to create quality assessment instruments through Test & Measurement Services, deliver tests both on paper and online with its Assessment Network, score a full spectrum of test items with the Scoring Network, report test results to educators and parents quickly through Reporting Services, and analyze results through Research Services.

PEMSolutions provides summative, formative, English language, and alternative assessments. Schools benefit from flexibility in type or mode of testing and are able to test later while getting results back earlier. All PEMSolutions programs are enhanced by certified program management, world-class customer service and a highly responsive account team.