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Pearson Education launches the Buzan Bites series

Buzan Bites series

Pearson Education launches the Buzan Bites series

The twenty-first century has been called The Century of the Brain. At the forefront of this is Tony Buzan, the world's leading authority on memory, who The Times predicted would: "... do for the brain what Stephen Hawking did for the universe."

As a young boy Tony Buzan was assured by his teachers that he couldn't improve his (already above average) reading speed. That made no sense to him. Surely if he could improve his physical fitness through exercise, he could do the same for his mental agility. As we now know, he was right.

The new Buzan Bites series distils Tony's best-known techniques into smart books, ideal for time-starved people. They combine the most powerful tips from The Mind Set series (also re-launching 7 August), which includes the bestsellers Use Your Head, Use your Memory, Master Your Memory, The Mind Map Book, The Speed Reading Book, The Illustrated Mind Map Book and Embracing Change.

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