Online homework and assessment programme used by more than one million US college students



About MyMathLab

Pearson's MyMathLab offers a series of online courses that accompany over 200 Addison-Wesley and Prentice Hall textbooks in Mathematics and Statistics. Since 2001 more than one million students have improved their math performance with MyMathLab's easy-to-use online homework, guided solutions, multi-media, tests, and eBooks. In 2005 alone, unit sales of MyMathLab increased by almost 50% to 1.1m and students completed and submitted 11m assignments online.

Value to Students

For students, MyMathLab provides instantaneous, personalised feedback. It allows the student to learn in their way, at their pace from college or at home - and it demonstrates the direct connection between practice, homework, and exam results.

Value to instructors and institutions

MyMathLab has taken the most time-consuming task for instructors - grading homework - and automated it. It enables departments to customise, standardise, and continuously improve their own course offerings. It improves student retention and success rates, which translates into cost savings for institutions.

Pearson provides training and support to the more than 400 two and four-year colleges adopting the MyMathLab platform. For more information, visit