Pearson Performance Solutions Bolsters Succession Management Offering through alliance with Fifty Lessons

World-Class Business Leaders Share Critical Learning Experiences in Targeted Lessons

CHICAGO, IL -Pearson Performance Solutions (PPS), a leading provider of strategic workforce solutions announced today a new alliance with Fifty Lessons, the world's leading digital business library.  Through this alliance, Fifty Lessons will provide its digital video library of 500 concise and personalized video-based lessons from over 100 international business leaders for prescriptive learning and development as part of PPS' four-phased succession management offering.

This new offering will be featured at the HR Technology Conference in Chicago on Wednesday, October 4th 2006- 3:15-4:30 p.m. in the session Hot New Technologies for HR.  David Fabianski, Pearson Performance Solutions' President, will preview and outline the new offering in this session, which highlights new technologies and their application and adoption in HR.

Succession Management Impact

  • Extending the Value Chain - High-potential employees receive targeted learning based on their individualized development needs
  • Succinct, On-demand Learning - Busy executives can access the 3-5 minute lessons via web, iPod or booklets in the office, on a plane, in a hotel room or at home
  • Learn Best Practices -Engaging lessons on important topics from world-class leaders
  • Off-the-Shelf or Custom - While the existing content library covers a broad range of business issues, customization allows for easy incorporation of organizational-specific content to further enhance context applicability

"Fifty Lessons is an important addition to the PPS Succession Management and Organizational Development portfolio.  Talent and Succession Management doesn't end with analysis and benchmarking, although when you look at a lot of the products on the market today that's really all you get.  We're expanding analysis and diagnosis to prescriptive intervention through assessment, learning, and mobile mentoring and we believe Fifty Lessons is an excellent add-on to our current solution set," said Pearson Performance Solutions' President, David Fabianski. 

Experience is the Best Teacher

Existing contributors to the Fifty Lessons digital library include some of the most prominent figures in business thought leadership, including representatives from Accenture, Boston Scientific Corporation, Carlson Companies, Cisco, Domino's Pizza, Duke Energy, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley International, Pearson, the New York Stock Exchange, Stanford University and Synopsys.  Their stories capture their experience, knowledge, and wisdom in a manner that strikes at the heart and head of the listener.

Andy Hasoon, co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fifty Lessons, said: "We believe Pearson Performance Solutions has some of the best succession management and talent development solution sets that identify the key areas in which individuals and organizations can improve their performance.  PPS then builds on this to tangibly help the individual and the organization make significant developments to improve the bottom line.

By adding Fifty Lessons' content to the PPS solution sets we are bringing the most important business lessons learned by the world's top business leaders directly to a specific problem or issue.  These short lessons are highly memorable stories - one of the most powerful communication tools to have been used for millennia.  The result is prescriptive learning that improves individuals' personal performance and brings directly into an organization the executives' 'pearls of wisdom' and experiences of how they have improved their organization's issues - and ultimately improved the bottom line."  

About Pearson Performance Solutions

Pearson Performance Solutions is one of the largest, most respected strategic workforce solutions companies in the United States.  Through world-class products and services, thousands of clients have successfully improved the development, performance, and talent management of their workforce.  From automated recruitment and selection, to mission critical learning and organizational development, Pearson PS helps clients achieve the greatest return from their human capital.  For more information about the company please visit

About Fifty Lessons

Experience is the best teacher.  Fifty Lessons uses the power of personal storytelling to capture the business lessons of world-class leaders to pass on to the next generation.  Fifty Lessons is a media company; the content it creates is currently available as a series of filmed interviews online, on DVD, in books and on the in-flight TV channels of selected airlines.  Experienced and respected leaders from industry, the public sector, and academia are invited to contribute their most important lessons learned.  The lessons are then fully indexed, enabling Fifty Lessons to match its content directly to the strategic business learning objectives of its clients, which include corporations, public sector organizations, and educators.

Further information

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