Pearson Math Programmes approved by California

California State Board Of Education Approves Pearson Math Programmes

enVisionMathThe California State Board of Education has approved five Pearson math programmes designed to teach everything from basic entry-level concepts for US Kindergarten (primary school) children to algebra for middle and high school students. The Board's approval means that districts in the state can choose to purchase any of these programmes for students to start using in the 2008-2009 school year. This represents a huge opportunity for Pearson over the next two years, with the overall value of California Math adoptions estimated at $200,000,000.  Programmes purchased during the next two years will be used until the next adoption process takes place in 2013.


The five approved Pearson programmes are:

  • enVisionMath California - Pearson Scott Foresman - Addison Wesley: A K-6 mathematics programme focusing on conceptual understanding and skill development. It incorporates a powerful digital component for all grades, and an innovative consumable text for students.

  • Prentice Hall Mathematics California - 6th grade, Pre-Algebra, Algebra: A 6-8th grade programme focused on problem solving and intended to promote independent thinking and learning.

  • Prentice Hall Mathematics California Algebra I: A widely used, proven and successful Algebra curriculum focused on state standards. Its student-friendly design helps make the subject accessible to 8th graders.

  • Prentice Hall Mathematics California Algebra Readiness: An 8th-grade programme designed to bridge the gap between basic math and algebra. It employs a consumable text, manageable size and a focus on basic algebraic concepts.

  • Connecting to Algebra for Algebra Readiness: An NSF-funded Grade 8 level programme, grounded in research and interactive learning styles.

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