Financial Times wins seven awards at the 2008 SOPA Awards for Editorial Excellence

The Financial Times today won seven awards at the 2008 SOPA Awards for Editorial Excellence. Celebrating its 10th year in Asia, the SOPA Awards received a record 629 entries from publishers across Asia Pacific this year. The Awards presentation gala dinner in Hong Kong saw 96 awards given out to outstanding editorial achievements in 17 categories. The full list of awards won by the Financial Times, and the comments from the judges, are as follows:

  • Excellence in Newspaper Design

Award: Financial Times

"The front page and section fronts are inviting and intelligent. The FT Weekend section fronts and inside pages are wonderful, with inviting features on their front pages and internal stuff that is witty and tastefully designed. It's a splendid newspaper."

  • Excellence in Opinion Writing (Category A)

Honorable Mention: Financial Times - "South Asia" by Jo Johnson

"The reporter demonstrates a convincing grasp of the Subcontinent's complexities. He mixes a compelling analysis with some deft, well-crafted touches that make his column both readable and informative. The articles are crisp, punchy, and tight. He handles the complexity of issues deftly - all the time explaining, highlighting nuances. Johnson keeps the reader engaged and riveted on the unfolding logic of his analysis, an effective columnist."

Award: Financial Times - "China" by Richard McGregor

"The best entry by far. The reporter writes with authority and insight, connecting up the dots between the current events and the fundamental problems besetting China in the throes of historic economic change. The reporter writes thoughtfully, intelligently, and elegantly. What sets him apart is that he situates issues within a context. He brings different angles of a story together and underscores their relationships. The reader is given not only the big picture but a sharper and much more illuminating version of reality."

  • Excellence in Opinion Writing (Category C)

Award: - "Beijing In October"

"A depiction of China and its ruling party at a political crossroads; subtle and elegant. A fine piece of writing: poetic, political and provocative."

  • Excellence in Feature Writing

Honorable Mention: The Financial Times - "China Politics" by Richard McGregor

"A series written with great style that gives readers a real idea off how China's leadership works."

  • Excellence Human Rights Reporting

Honorable Mention: Financial Times - "North Korea" by Anna Fifield

"An excellent overview of one of the great unknowns that must be closely observed in Asia. Good reporting and analysis of key issues from different sides. It has taken a long time for the FT to tackle this issue and report on the plight of the refuges in China. This was another example of a journalist supplying excellent insight about a notoriously difficult subject. The reporter has clearly gotten to know her story, and was able to give the reader a detailed view of North Korea from a variety of angles."

  • Excellence in Special Issue/ Special Section

Honorable Mention: Financial Times - "India at 60"

"An excellent, highly readable analysis. Multiple views - including historical perspective provided by William Dalrymple - capture a country in which ostentation and growth vie with populations officially known as 'Other Backward Classes'."

The full list of winners is available online at: