Pearson Wins Three Top Honors in 2009 Association of Educational Publishers Awards

"Miller & Levine Biology" and Longman's NorthStar/MyNorthStarLab Earn Distinguished Achievement Awards

Boston and New York - "Miller and Levine Biology," the new edition of the world's bestselling high school biology program, took top honors for its innovative digital path and overall high school science curriculum in the  2009 Association of Educational Publishers (AEP) Awards.  Named for its two internationally renowned scientist-authors, Dr. Kenneth Miller and Dr. Joseph Levine, the new biology curriculum from Pearson takes a bold approach to science instruction, combining the power of a robust digital learning path with a proven foundation of academic success.

Pearson Longman's NorthStar/MyNorthStarLab won the AEP's Distinguished Achievement Award in the Curriculum, English Learner Instruction category for adults. The combined print/online program motivates English Learners to succeed in their academic as well as personal language goals. The Distinguished Achievement Awards honor the year's top educational products in four categories: Curriculum, Periodicals, Professional Development, and Technology Innovations. The winners were announced at the AEP Awards Gala on June 12th in Washington, D.C.

"Miller & Levine Biology" was honored for both its print and digital categories. Its innovative digital path won the award program's new category, "Technology Innovations, Websites," while the program also won the "Science Curriculum for Grades 9-12" category.

"This award validates the real-world approach to teaching high school biology that our world-renowned authors Ken Miller and Joe Levine bring to the classroom. This new edition of 'Miller & Levine Biology' exemplifies our vision for the way that today's technology allows learning to be personalized for all students," said Lynda Cloud, Pearson's Senior Vice President for Science. "AEP's recognition of the high educational quality of both the print and digital components of our bestselling high school biology program reinforces our belief that it is critical to provide schools and teachers with high quality curriculum in various formats so that they can choose what best meets the  diverse needs of their students."

Launched in late 2008 and quickly being adopted by hundreds of schools around the country, the new "Miller & Levine Biology" aims to help all students learn the big ideas and science concepts, regardless of their learning style or ability. Customized curriculum packages allow educators to select the learning solution that fits the needs of their individual classrooms. Through, the program's compelling digital path, students meet their partners on their adventure into the world of science - a team of young "ecogeek" scientists who have created real-life experiences infusing curriculum topics with new intrigue and relevance for students.

NorthStar motivates students to succeed in their academic as well as with their personal language goals. Two strands, Reading and Writing, and Listening and Speaking, for each of the five levels, provide a fully integrated approach for students and teachers. The program focuses on critical thinking and academic skills to help students develop strategies for success in the classroom and on standardized tests. MyNorthStarLab is an easy-to-use, powerful online component to the NorthStar series that offers original activities and brings together many of NorthStar's course components in one place.

"This is truly a wonderful honor, as it comes from our peers within the education industry," said Anne Boynton-Trigg, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Pearson Longman USA. "Recognition of NorthStar and NorthStarLab, which offers original online activities as well as bringing together many of the course's key components into one place, is particularly important as technology continues to transform the educational landscape."

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