Pearson battles rising dropout rates; unveils data-driven, early warning dropout prevention software: Prevent

Prevent aggregates critical data and student information to help educators quickly pinpoint and help at-risk students.

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) The education technology and services company Pearson today announced the launch of Prevent, a software program that aggregates the most relevant and predictive student information data points to pinpoint which students are mostly likely to drop out of school. By pulling together readily available data contained on current student information systems including, but not limited to, a student's grade point average, discipline history, attendance, grade level, Prevent provides an early warning system for educators and helps them determine where to spend their time most effectively to prevent students from leaving school without a diploma.

Currently, 1.2 million students dropout each year, which is the equivalent of 7,000 students a day. This increasing dropout rate represents a national crisis for America's economic future, as students who do not earn a high school diploma earn up to 80 percent less than their degree-earning peers. In addition, the National Center for Education Statistics figures show that nearly one in three ninth graders (26.8 percent) at public high schools are not earning their diplomas in four years.

"When you look at the dropout problem, the country is bleeding. We are literally bleeding out these students. All educators need to rally around this cause because in today's economy we can't afford not to do it," said Gary Hensley, the founder of Prevent, and Director for Student Growth at Pearson. "Teachers, administrators and counselors' substantial investments of time and energy with students are what truly make a difference in a student's commitment to their own education. Prevent will enable these educators to intervene at the first sign of a problem, helping them make smarter, quicker decisions about where to spend their limited, but highly valuable time."

The typical counselor serves an average of 479 students, making it impossible to give every student equal attention. By identifying specific risk factors and alerting educators on a daily basis, Prevent enables educators to quickly target the students most at-risk and prevent a minor issue from jeopardizing a student's entire education.

"Instead of spending our time trying to identify which students are the most at risk for dropping out, Prevent has allowed us to make very intentional investments in time and spend that time giving at-risk students the extra attention they need," said Dr. Frederick Navarro, assistant superintendent, Anaheim Union School District in Anaheim, California, that has used the Prevent product for nearly two years. "Before Prevent, educators would invest their time with obvious at-risk students and practice random acts of guidance with the others. With the click of a mouse, we can now make strategic decisions about how to save students from dropping out, and we can ensure that no students slip through the cracks."

Prevent also corresponds with the education directives set forth by the Obama administration, calling for the use of data to turn around struggling schools. "With a proposed $50 million in the 2010 federal education budget for dropout prevention work and another $3.5 billion in stimulus funding set aside to help turn around the lowest performing schools, educators are empowered as never before to adopt proven, data-driven approaches that can keep our students in school and ensure academic success," said Kevin Brueggeman, president, Educational Assessment, Pearson.

By focusing on readily available student information, Prevent enables schools to quickly and easily implement a dropout prevention program. It is a browser-based solution that emphasizes simple, "at-a-glance," reporting so that counselors and administrators can quickly take action and help at-risk students. In addition, the indicators that Prevent monitors are all actionable elements that schools can employ to directly help students, including attendance, grades and behavior on school grounds.

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