Huge infusion of technology for Texas schools approved by State Board of Education

New reading and literature instructional materials going into Texas classrooms next school year; top Texas education officials today vote to recommend Pearson's Scott Foresman Reading Street and Prentice Hall Literature to schools statewide

Austin, TX (PRWEB) November 20, 2009 -- Texas schools will get a huge infusion of technology, including digital and online instructional materials, after the Texas State Board of Education's unanimous decision Friday to make Pearson's reading and literature programs available statewide.

Schools have been using existing reading textbooks since 2000. School districts throughout the state will introduce new reading and literature programs in the fall of 2010 for use in Texas classrooms over the next six to eight years following today's Board approval of Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott's recommendation. Commissioner Scott recommended that the State Board "Place…instructional materials submitted for adoption on the Conforming List as indicated on the Final Recommendations of the Commissioner of Education Regarding Instructional Materials Offered for Adoption under Proclamation 2010."

The state's decision will give reading and literature a major technology boost with the new instructional materials going into Texas classrooms beginning in the 2010-2011 school year. Education experts report that technology in the classroom can help teachers reverse the trend of falling reading and writing scores, and Pearson's Scott Foresman Reading Street Texas and Prentice Hall Literature Texas programs provide both print and digital instructional materials aligned to the new state college readiness standards and Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS).

"As technology takes a bigger role in Texas schools, we are going to help transform the way children in Texas learn. These new reading and literature materials for teachers are available in both print and digital formats, and that will help us to better prepare our children for college and the great jobs that await them in the future," said Raymond Ward, Pearson's vice president for Texas. "With this decision, we will put more technology into Texas schools than has ever been available before, and teachers will be able to choose the best way to teach their children, whether through the regular textbook or the digital and interactive online materials, or a mix of both."

Pearson teamed up with nationally-renowned reading and literature experts to develop Scott Foresman Reading Street Texas (grades K-5) and Prentice Hall Literature Texas (grades 6-12), the newest instructional materials for reading and English classrooms customized specifically to new state standards.

From its rigorous curriculum to engaging digital animations and songs, Pearson's K-12 reading and literature instructional materials are scientifically researched and proven to be effective in the classroom by providing the following.

  • A rich blend of print, CD/DVD, and online resources for teachers to choose from and easily customize their instruction for students' individual learning needs
  • Resources for English language learners, including materials with tips and step-by-step instructions for teachers on how to help the hundreds of thousands of ELL students in Texas classrooms
  • Online tools that determine at what level each student is performing to help teachers quickly identify academic strengths and weaknesses and differentiate instruction and intervene, as needed
  • For the first time ever in Texas schools, reading instructional materials tailored especially for Kindergarten children to help ensure children develop a sound reading and language foundation
  • Rigorous content to help better prepare Texas school children for success in college with alignment to the new state "college and career readiness standards"
  • Programs developed specifically to teach Texas' new curriculum for reading and literature, commonly known as the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills)

More information about Pearson's new reading and literature instructional materials can be found at for elementary school grade levels and for middle and high school grades.

About Pearson and Texas

Pearson (NYSE:PSO) is Texas' leading provider of technology in the classroom and has been supplying education materials to Texas schools as far back as the 1800s. You may know us individually as Scott Foresman, Prentice Hall, Longman, SuccessMaker, NovaNet, PowerSchool, Educational Measurement, Educational Assessment, SuccessNet, Learning Teams, and so many more - names in the world of education that are recognized and respected across the State and the globe. In fact, most teachers in Texas have learned their profession by studying with Pearson's Merrill or Allyn & Bacon textbooks, and many have benefited from our professional development programs. We provide education and testing materials from birth through professional learning as well as the school systems that maintain student information data for thousands of schools. Our business offices are located in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio, but our 2,000 Pearson people are living and working in every school district across the State. Whether in Reading, Literature, science, math, social studies, music, English as a second language, foreign languages, or AP courses, hundreds of thousands of Texas's preK through college students are learning with our Pearson products every day. For more information, go to In addition to Education, Pearson's other major businesses include The Financial Times Group and The Penguin Group,


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