Rankin County School District selects Pearson's Powerschool® as new student information system

The Rankin County School District in Brandon, MS, has selected Pearson's PowerSchool as its new web-based student information system

Rancho Cordova, Calif. (PRWEB) November 2, 2009 -- Pearson announced today that the Rankin County School District in Brandon, MS, has selected Pearson's PowerSchool as its new web-based student information system (SIS). Pearson's PowerSchool will serve the Rankin County School District's more than 17,500 students. Rankin County School District is the third largest school district in Mississippi, encompassing 27 different schools.

Rankin County School District selected Pearson's PowerSchool as its comprehensive SIS based on its web-based capabilities, central server, and features such as Parent Access, PowerTeacher gradebook, the new ReportWorks reporting tool, integration of Google™ Maps for address validation and school boundaries, and the complete Mississippi state reporting functions. PowerSchool Premier offers Rankin County School District customizable software that can adapt to the district's specific student information needs.

Rankin County has developed plans for more than two years to transition from their legacy SIS, Pearson's SASI™ software, via the SASI Customer First program to PowerSchool. Last spring, the Rankin County Superintendent and Board of Education made the decision to move forward with the crossover to PowerSchool.

"Through the SASI Customer First program, SASI districts like Rankin County School District already own the licenses to PowerSchool Premier. This brings new technology to districts at a lower cost," said Paul Fletcher, President of the School Systems group of Pearson. "By taking advantage of this program, districts such as Rankin County begin to pave the way to success for students, parents, teachers, and administrators."

"We in the Technology Department are extremely excited about the prospect of having a web-based student database for teachers, students, and parents to access," said Margie Delaney, Director of Technology at Rankin County School District. "PowerSchool is the next step in our goal to create a 21st century learning environment."

PowerSchool Premier will serve as the information backbone for the Rankin County School District. Through its robust set of communications tools, PowerSchool Premier will provide access to secure, real-time student information through a web browser - effectively creating an interactive dialogue between parents, students, and teachers. Additional benefits, such as master scheduling and reporting capabilities, will lend substantial efficiencies to the district.

The Rankin County School District expects to complete the implementation of PowerSchool Premier during the upcoming school year and will be fully implemented for the start of school in August 2010. For more information about Pearson and PowerSchool, please visit www.PearsonSchoolSystems.com.

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