"Learning Matters"

Pearson in education

A guide to the new “Ecosystem” of educational resources

Many of today’s students have spent their entire lives in an era of broadband, video games and online immersion, so approaches to education need to reflect this.

That’s the message behind a new 12-page white paper, “Learning Matters: A New Ecosystem of Educational Resources,” authored by Jim Behnke, Pearson’s Chief Learning Officer and a member of the board of the IMS Global Learning Consortium.

"There has never been a more transformational time in the field of education as new tools, technologies and approaches to instruction are driving breakthroughs in teaching and learning that seemed merely theoretical just a few years ago,” says Behnke.

The new “ecosystem” described by Behnke has four main ingredients:

  • Educational Content Sources
  • Search Services
  • Solutions for Learning, including collaboarative online activities
  • Flexible Delivery Options

To see the full report, please click here: "Learning Matters: A New Ecosystem of Educational Resources,"