Pearson Foundation announces Pearson prize for Higher Education

Award to recognize community service among college students, administered in partnership with the National Society for Collegiate Scholars

New York (PRWEB) March 22, 2010 -- The Pearson Foundation today announced The Pearson Prize for Higher Education, a new student leadership award that recognizes and provides support to exemplary students who--while still completing their undergraduate studies--are distinguishing themselves by leading public service efforts that give back to their local community. The Pearson Prize will recognize 70 students for exemplary community service, providing 20 with financial assistance and additional support, and 50 more with a single one-time cash grant. All recipients will take part in the Pearson Foundation's mobile and digital media projects that support student leadership.

With the Pearson Prize, the Pearson Foundation aims to raise awareness about the important role that student leaders play on college campuses and in surrounding communities. At the same, the Prize is a deliberate attempt to respond directly to the financial challenges that many of these same students face while pursuing academic goals. The award program specifically responds to a financial need common among young people who might not have discovered their direction, or engaged their real passion until after their freshman year in college.

"Most college awards and scholarships focus on graduating high school students and reward their academic achievements," explained Pearson Foundation President, Mark Nieker. "As a result, many truly inspiring young people who really make an impact only after they've begun their undergraduate careers are the least likely to be eligible for the same sustained financial support. The Pearson Prize for Higher Education is an attempt to honor some of these remarkable undergraduates, and also to bring them together so that they can learn from, and inspire, each other."

The Pearson Prize is being administered by the National Society for Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) and is open to all current undergraduate students enrolled at accredited four-year and two-year institutions who have a minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale and at least one year remaining until graduation. Recipients will be announced in June of 2010.

Additional requirements and the online application are available at Completed applications must be received by April 11, 2010.

The Pearson Prize follows a series of programs from the Pearson Foundation that support community service and educational leadership, and that address key social challenges like dropout prevention and 21st Century skills. The Pearson Foundation has worked across the educational spectrum with organizations in pre-k, such as Jumpstart, through high school, with America's Promise and National Academy Foundation, and in service learning with Greg Mortenson and Dr. Jane Goodall.

The program also reflects Pearson's commitment to students, colleges, and their communities filling a gap in support for current college students and raising awareness about the importance of student service and leadership.

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