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Education is a powerful force for equity and change in our world. As a leader in global education, we recognize our unique responsibility to affirm and celebrate diverse identities and lived experiences through learning.
Together, we have the power to shape hearts, minds, ambitions, and aspirations for generations to come. These resources can help create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive future.

The Environment and You, 3rd edition

Authors Norm Christiensen, Lissa Leege, and Justin St. Juliana give us reasons to be hopeful about environmental challenges and focus on how we all change the world in directions that are truly sustainable.

Climate Equity in Context

A Future to Believe In

Pearson author Jason Neff and student host Megan Cistulli duscuss critical issues around environmental justice and evolving green technology.

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Taking a stand against environmental justice

Environmental justiceis social justice. Learn how one student activist is taking a stand for the climate and his community.

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What learners are saying about social equity


More than 60% of people feel they could learn more about a variety of diversity issues.


80% of people are trying to educate themselves about issues related to social justice, diversity or gender equality. 


Interest is even higher among younger generations, with 85% of Gen Z and 84% of Millennial respondents reporting learning more about these topics.

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