Operations Research: An Introduction, 10th edition

Published by Pearson (July 23, 2021) © 2017

  • Hamdy A. Taha University of Arkansas

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ISBN-13: 9780137526567
Operations Research: An Introduction
Published 2021

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ISBN-13: 9780134444017
Operations Research: An Introduction
Published 2016


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Operations Research teaches Operations Research (OR) basics through a broad focus on algorithmic and practical implementation of OR techniques, using theory, applications, and computations. This text provides essential hand computational algorithms and shows how classical algorithms can be beneficial in practice.

Brief Contents

  1. What Is Operations Research?
  2. Modeling with Linear Programming
  3. The Simplex Method and Sensitivity Analysis
  4. Duality and Post-Optimal Analysis
  5. Transportation Model and Its Variants
  6. Network Models
  7. Advanced Linear Programming
  8. Goal Programming
  9. Integer Linear Programming
  10. Heuristic and Constraint Programming
  11. Traveling Salesperson Problem (TSP)
  12. Deterministic Dynamic Programming
  13. Inventory Modeling (with Introduction to Supply Chains)
  14. Review of Basic Probability
  15. Decision Analysis and Games
  16. Probabilistic Inventory Models
  17. Markov Chains
  18. Queuing Systems
  19. Simulation Modeling
  20. Classical Optimization Theory
  21. Nonlinear Programming Algorithms

Appendix A: Statistical Tables

Appendix B: Partial Answers to Selected Problems

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