Pavement Analysis and Design, 2nd edition

Published by Pearson (August 8, 2003) © 2004

  • Yang H. Huang


ISBN-13: 9780131424739
Pavement Analysis and Design
Published 2003


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For one/two-semester, undergraduate/graduate courses in Pavement Design.

This up-to-date text covers both theoretical and practical aspects of pavement analysis and design. It includes some of the latest developments in the field, and some very useful computer software—developed by the author—with detailed instructions.

 1. Introduction.

 2. Stresses and Strains in Flexible Pavements.

 3. KENLAYER Computer Program.

 4. Stresses and Deflections in Rigid Pavements.

 5. KENSLABS Computer Program.

 6. Traffic Loading and Volume.

 7. Material Characterization.

 8. Drainage Design.

 9. Pavement Performance.

10. Reliability.

11. Flexible Pavement Design.

12. Rigid Pavement Design.

13. Design of Overlays.

Appendix A. Theory of Viscoelasticity.

Appendix B. Theory of Elastic Layer Systems.

Appendix C. KENPAVE Software.

Appendix D. An Introduction to Superpave.

Appendix E. Pavement Management Systems.

Appendix F. A Preview of 2002 Pavement Design Guide.

Appendix G. List of Symbols.

Appendix H. References.

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