Design of the UNIX Operating System, 1st edition

Published by Pearson (May 27, 1986) © 1986

  • Maurice J. Bach


ISBN-13: 9780132017992
Design of the UNIX Operating System
Published 1986


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This book describes the internal algorithms and the structures that form the basis of the UNIX® operating system and their relationship to the programmer interface. The system description is based on UNIX System V Release 2 supported by AT&T, with some features from Release 3.

 1. General Review of the System.

 2. Introduction to the Kernel.

 3. The Buffer Cache.

 4. Internal Representation of Files.

 5. System Calls for the File System.

 6. The System Representation of Processes.

 7. Process Control.

 8. Process Scheduling and Time.

 9. Memory Management Policies.

10. Interprocess Communication.

11. Multiprocessor Systems.

12. Distributed UNIX System.

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