2019 Programme

We work together with professionals around the world to understand how to help learners of all ages reach their goals, investigate tough challenges and explore exciting solutions. We’ve seen groundbreaking curricula and cutting edge digital development, inspirational teaching and outstanding institutions.


Designed for teachers who instill confidence and inspire, and the students who thrive in their classrooms.


Addresses real needs, with exciting content from the BBC and great multimedia components.


Practical tools and motivating content to help people make progress and achieve results they can measure.


Our suite of assessments helps you place students, benchmark their progress, and certify achievement.


The extensive range of Pearson English Graded Readers brings the joy of reading to every student. 


The Global Scale of English underpins everything we do to support successful teaching and learning.

Tuesday 2nd April

A new generation of assessment, for a new generation of learners

Presenter: Jacqueline Martin

Theme: Digtal young learner English testing

When & where: 11:55am-12:25pm, room 4a

Using automated scoring technologies in different learning contexts

Presenter: David Booth

Theme: Automated scoring

When & where: 3:55pm-4:25pm, room 13

Don’t refresh the page, refresh yourself: reading in a digital world

Presenter: Philip Warwick

Theme: Pearson English Graded Readers

When & where: 4:55pm-5:25pm, room 1b

Connecting with the video generation

Presenter: Michael Brand & John Wolf

Theme: Wider World Live Classes, Pearson & BBC partnership

When & where: 10:40am-11:25am, room 1b

Michael Brand Pearson English
John Wolf

Wednesday 3rd April

The glass ceiling: helping advanced learners break through

Presenter: Steve Oakes

Theme: Intermediate Plateau, Speakout Plus Levels

When & where: 11:05am-11:35am, room 3a

Steve Oakes Pearson English

Real-world, relevance, resonance: breathing life into language learning for teens

Presenter: Amanda Davies

Theme: How the GSE can help teenage learners

When & where: 3pm-3:30pm, room 3a

amanda davies

How can we get students to surprise us?

Presenter: Jeanne Perrett

Theme: Now I Know, 21st Centurty Skills and authentic content

When & where: 4:45pm-5:15pm, room 1c

Jeanne Perrett Pearson English

The New Cambridge B1 Preliminary exam: helping learners recognise success

Presenter: Lindsay Warwick

Theme: New Cambridge Preliminary exam and Gold Experience

When & where: 5:30pm-6:15pm, room 1b

Lindsay Warwick Pearson English

Thursday 4th April

Bridging the gap: work skills with a license to thrill!

Presenter: Margaret O'Keeffe

Theme: ​Bridging the gap between the classroom and the world of work

When & where: 10:20am-10:50am, room 1c

Margaret O'Keeffe Pearson English

Mapping out the path to success

Presenter: Hugh Dellar & Damian Williams

Theme: ​Flexibility, personalisation and clear goals for mixed ability classes

When & where: 11:05am-11:35am, room 1a

Lindsay Warwick Pearson English
Damian Williams Pearson English

Skills and Scaffolds: working with academic discourse for University Success

Presenter: Lawrence Zwier

Theme: ​English for academic purposes, University Success

When & where: 12:05pm-12:35pm, room 3a

Lawrence Zwier Pearson English

Artificial intelligence: changing the face of international language testing

Presenter: Dr. Rose Clesham

Theme: ​Artificial intelligence

When & where: 4:20pm-4:50pm, room 3a

Friday 5th April

Job applications in 2030: do students have the right skills?

Presenter: Mike Mayor & Tim Goodier

Theme: Future skills for employability in GSE and CEFR

When & where: 10:20am-10:50am, room 1b

Mike Mayor Pearson English
Tim Goodier Pearson English

Monitoring learners' progress with the GSE Teacher Toolkit

Presenter: Leonor Corradi

Theme: Student progress, GSE Teacher Toolkit

When & where: 12:05pm-12:50pm, room 4b

Leonor Corradi