2018 Programme

We work together with professionals around the world to understand how to help learners of all ages reach their goals, investigate tough challenges and explore exciting solutions. We’ve seen groundbreaking curricula and cutting edge digital development, inspirational teaching and outstanding institutions.

Our programme explores numerous aspects of ELT which we've divided into our key product areas.


Designed for teachers who instill confidence and inspire, and the students who thrive in their classrooms.


Addresses real needs, with exciting content from the BBC and great multimedia components.


Practical tools and motivating content to help people make progress and achieve results they can measure.


Pearson offers fast, flexible English exams for university entry, business skills, general English and young learners.


The Global Scale of English underpins everything we do to support successful teaching and learning.

Tuesday 10th April

Motivating the Teenage Brain: Making Language Matter

When & where: 11:55-12:25, Oxford

Theme: Motivating Secondary students

Presenter: Ken Beatty

The Impact of Teacher Beliefs on Lesson Planning

When & where: 14:55-15:40, Ambassador

Theme: Using GSE Los for the YL Classroom

Presenter: Shay Coyne


Running with Scissors: Authenticity in the Classroom

When & where: 16:55-17:25, Balmoral

Theme: How best to use authentic materials in the classroom

Presenter: Emily Gale and Phillip Warwick

Wednesday 11th April

Developing An Understanding of Language Proficiencies in Teacher Education Programmes

When & where: 12:05-12:50, Hall 4

Theme: GSE Learning Objectives in TT application

Presenter: Autumn Westphal

Preparing for University Writing: Integrating Reading, Critical Thinking, Research, Language

When & where: 15:00-15:30, Durham

Theme: EAP – Advance Academic Writing

Presenter: Steve Marshall

Way to Prosperity: Tackling the Challenges of EFL in Brazil

When & where: 16:45-17:15, Hall 4

Theme: Using Pearson Assessment Solution in EFL TT

Presenter: Fernando Morais

Thursday 12th April

Setting Vocabulary Targets for Young Learners

When & where: 12:50-13:20, Durham

Theme: GSE YL Vocab

Presenter: Mike Mayor

Taking Off From the Intermediate Plateau

When & where: 14:20-15:05, Hall 4

Theme: Intermediate Plateau

Presenter: Antonia Clare

Combining Formative and Interim Assessment Tools in the Classroom

When & where: 17:05-17:50, Hall 4

Theme: Using TELL and Assessment in the Classroom

Presenters: Bill Bonk and Trisevgeni Liontou

Pearson Social Evening - A Panel Presentation 'Learning from Learning Objectives'

When & where: 19:00-20:30, Syndicate 3 & 4

Theme: GSE Learning Objectives

Panel: Scott Thornbury, David Nunan, Shay Coyne and Sara Davila. 

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Friday 13th April

Business English: Organic Skills Marinated in Objectives Served with Vocabulary

When & where: 10:20-10:50, Auditorium 2

Theme: Business Partner launch

Presenter: Iwonna Dubicka


Effective Implementation of Blended Learning for Primary

When & where: 11:05-11:35, Auditorium 2

Theme: Blended Learning with Poptropica

Presenter: Gillian Groenen

Mind the Gap! Helping Teens to Bridge the Cognitive Gap

When & where: 12:05-12:50, Auditorium 2

Theme: Teaching CAE in schools

Presenter: Clare Walsh