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Where you can come and see us present about the Global Scale of English.


Teaching digital natives to become more human

Friday, April 5th at 10:20am, Room 1b.

Much has been written about the changing face of the workplace and the impact that technology is having today – and will continue to have in the future.

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Supporting mixed-ability classrooms

Is one learner is a beginner and one pre-intermediate: how do we support all learners with these challenges in our classrooms? In this brief pop-up session, I will talk about how to plan lessons using the guiding principles of differentiated instruction to adapt content, process and products to create meaningful learning for all.

Sara Davila is the Learning Expert in Higher Education for Pearson English, working on curriculum andcontent development for global products. Her personal work including materials, teacher developmenttools, lesson plans and worksheets can be found at

Sara Davila

Building Bridges and Finding Common Ground in TEYLs

From the moment an English teacher welcomes young learners into their classroom, the aim is to ensure that something within those learners changes: a new skill, language point, concept or value. This is universal, no matter if that classroom is in a mainstream school or a private learning context. During this workshop, participants will actively explore accessible and practical tools for clear goal-setting, enabling more focused learning activities with their young learners.

Virginia has been involved in ELT internationally for 20 years as a teacher and teacher trainer. She has consulted on and written teaching and assessment materials in a variety of educational settings, with a focus on teaching with young learners. She has also delivered numerous conference workshops and CPD to teachers throughout the world.

Virginia Parker

Real-world, relevance, resonance – breathing life into language learning for secondary learners

Wednesday, April 3rd at 3pm, room 3a. 

In my session I’m going to share a series of lesson ideas based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. By the end of the session you should feel confident constructing your own learning objectives, or using a tool such as the Global Scale of English’s ready-made bank of objectives. 

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Monitoring learners’ progress with the GSE Teacher Toolkit

Friday, April 5th at 12:05pm, room 4b. 

Teaching can become routinised. When this happens, teachers can find it difficult to see what is actually going on in their classrooms. Their opinions tend to be supported by students’ behaviour and test marks. How motivating can this be for both teachers and learners when seem to be stuck in a rut?

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Teaching 21st century young learners supported by the GSE

Teaching in the modern era, which is diverse and digital, demands constant improvement and updating of  the curricula we use. We, the teachers, need to closely monitor our learners and be ready to act according to their needs.

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Making teaching more impactful with the Pearson Efficacy Framework

As educators, our key role is to help our students learn. A bit of an obvious statement perhaps – but not so easy to realise. As the old adage goes, just because you teach, doesn’t mean learning is happening! How do we know that our teaching is having an impact on learning?

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Where you can learn about how the Global Scale of English has been having an impact and is helping people overcome their teaching and learning challenges.

Creating lasting opportunities for all

National Curriculum Reform using the Global Scale of English to underpin the Panamá Bilingüe Program.

Discover how Panamá Bilingüe selected and deployed the Global Scale of English to underpin their national curriculum reform project. Learn more about how this ambitious program is enabling better opportunities for all Panamanian citizens and for future generations.