Young Learners Technical Advisory Group

Annie Hughes

2012 - 2017

Dr Annie Hughes is a well-known TEYL specialist consultant, trainer, teacher, materials and curriculum writer, who has worked in special, primary, secondary, tertiary and EFL education in over sixty countries during her professional career and is the Director and creator of the award-winning MA in Teaching English to Young Learners. Dr Hughes is a member of several professional bodies including the Editorial Board of the Edinburgh University Press Series in TESOL, MATSDA, and the Nordic Journal of Modern Language Methodology and a consultant specialist for many Ministries of Education, the BBC, Usborne Publishing Ltd, Macmillan ELT, Mary Glasgow Publications and Penguin ELT.Her publications include online TEYL training courses, (such as Hughes, A (2007) An Introduction To Teaching English to Young Learners. Thomson ELT (USA) Complete Online Advantage Training. Boston: Heinle Cengage), innumerable chapters and articles on TEYL principles linked with classroom practice plus TEYL courses, resources and readers for the TEYL classroom.

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