Technical Advisory Groups

GSE Technical Advisory Group

Barbara Gardner

Barbara Gardner is the Learning Technologies Training Coordinator at Study Group. She is responsible for supporting team of trainers and training of HE teachers to use learning technologies in their teaching. Research projects include SIMOLA with Brighton and other EU universities. Her background is English language teaching and teacher training.

Young Learners Technical Advisory Group

Angela Hasselgreen

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2012 - 2016

Angela Hasselgreen is Professor at the Research Centre for Language Testing and Assessment, University of Bergen, Norway, where she has a 20% position. She has recently retired from a position as Professor of Language Didactics at Bergen University College.She has carried out research and published extensively on the subject of assessing young language learners (YLLs), in particular investigating the extent that the CEFR lends itself to be used with this special group. She has coordinated the ECML’s AYLLIT (Assessment of Young Learner Literacy) and Bergen ‘Can do’ projects. She headed the team which designed the current national curriculum for English in Norwegian compulsory schooling and is also active in the work of developing the national tests of English in Norway.

Vocabulary Technical Advisory Group

Barry O'Sullivan

2014 - Present

Professor Barry O’Sullivan is currently working with the British Council in London as Head of Assessment Research & Development. His recent work includes the design, development and validation of a placement test to be used by the British in their centres across the world and the design, development and validation of a new business to business language test called Aptis.

Barry is particularly interested in issues related to performance testing, test validation, test-data management and analysis and scaling and calibration; he has conducted research into factors affecting spoken performance, assessing rater behaviour, assessing speaking and writing, specific purpose assessment, benchmarking English language tests to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and standard setting in professional contexts.

Barry’s publications have appeared in a number of international journals and he has presented his work at international conferences around the world. ‘Issues in Business English Testing’, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2006; ‘Modelling Performance in Oral Language Testing’ was published by Peter Lang in 2008; ‘Language Testing: Theories and Practices’ was published by in 2011 and ‘The Cambridge Guide to Language Assessment’ (with C. Coombe, P. Davidson, and S. Stoynoff, eds. ) was published by Cambridge University Press in 2012. He is currently working (with C. Weir) on a major project documenting a history of language testing within the British Council.In addition to his work in the area of language testing, Barry has taught in Ireland, England, Peru and Japan.