Young Learners Technical Advisory Group

Leonor Corradi

2012 - Present 

Leonor Corradi is a teacher of English and holds a Master’s degree in Education and Teacher Training from Surrey University, UK. She is a tenured lecturer in Language Teaching at IES en Lenguas Vivas Juan Ramón Fernández and ISP Joaquín V. González – both in primary and secondary school orientations–, with over twenty-five years’ experience, and a coordinator of plurilingual schools in the City of Buenos Aires. She has run professional development sessions in Argentina and abroad, and has also presented extensively at national and international conferences and congresses.

At present, she is working at a State Special Needs School teaching English to blind students as part of a pilot project, and is a member of the Foreign Languages Team at the National Ministry of Education, in charge of English. She is responsible for curriculum design and development for both mandatory education and teacher education, as well as curriculum and materials development.

She has also acted as educational consultant for the British Council and Ministries of Education in Latin America. Ms Corradi has been a member – in charge of English – of the committee for CLE, Foreign Language Certificates designed and implemented in the City of Buenos Aires, and the deputy head of the Alex programme, language exams for adults designed and implemented by IES en Lenguas Vivas Juan Ramon Fernandez. Leonor is the author of the Curriculum for Foreign Languages for the City of BA (English), and has also worked both in the creation and reforms of curriculum designs at different teacher training colleges and provinces. She has written a number of articles and educational materials and is an ELT author.

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