Vocabulary Technical Advisory Group

Shelagh Rixon

2017 - Present

Shelagh Rixon graduated in Classics from the University of Cambridge but soon discovered that teaching English was pleasurable and worthwhile.  After 3 years teaching in Rome and a PGCE from the University of Bangor, she worked with the British Council for 16 years in a series of career roles including administration, direct teaching, teacher training making educational films,  taking an MSc in Applied Linguistics at Edinburgh University and working with the Ministry of Education back in Italy at a time when foreign language teaching was about to be introduced at primary school level.  In 1991 she joined Warwick University to co-ordinate a strand of the Masters in English Language Teaching which specialised in Young Learners. She has had an interest in assessment and young children for a very long time, largely because children are the least powerful stakeholders in the educational process and adults have a responsibility to ensure that assessment does them justice or at least no harm.

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