Technical Advisory Group

Yukio Tono

2012 - Present 

Professor Dr. Yukio Tono is a professor of corpus linguistics at the Graduate School of Global Studies at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

He obtained a PhD in corpus linguistics from Lancaster University. He has specialized in corpus-based research into L2 vocabulary acquisition, L2 mental lexicon, applications of corpora in language teaching and materials development, pedagogical lexicography and empirical studies on dictionary use. He was involved in developing the CEFR-J, a localized version of the CEFR for English language teaching in Japan. His current research interest includes reference level descriptions for the CEFR-J using corpora of ELT materials and learner speech and writings. He is currently President of the Asian Association of Lexicography (ASIALEX) and Vice President of the Japan Association of English Corpus Studies (JAECS). He is also on the committee for the Japanese government to establish the guideline for using ‘can do’ lists for assessment in English at secondary school levels.

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