How do you prepare for a job that doesn’t yet exist?

That is the reality students are facing today. English is generally seen as a key skill for employability - but is it enough? Do learners have the skills they need for today and the adaptability to flourish in an unknown future?

Whether a student is looking to move to a new country, progress in their career or go into further education, they need to learn the English and other skills that employers and institutions demand, and be able to prove that they have them.

We provide educators and students with the appropriate materials to develop the right language skills, and the essential soft skills using real-world, relevant content. Skills such as critical thinking, active listening, role play, and problem solving are right at the heart of our courses and assessments, underpinned by the Global Scale of English.

They help students to learn, prove and move through English language learning.

Is learning English enough to improve a learner’s employability? Or do they need something else?

We would greatly value knowing what you think about the teaching of soft skills to English language learners.

Pearson’s skills webinars

Human skills like communication, creativity, and critical thinking are often overlooked in education as they're challenging to teach and assess. But to employers, these skills are invaluable despite being hard to find.

Hosted by our own teaching and learning experts, this series of webinars look in detail at what these skills are, and how we can develop them in our students.

Register and you can learn more about employability skills.