2019 Pearson English Global Teacher Award winners!


These 5 teachers shared their teaching stories and answered these questions:

How do you inspire your students to dare to learn?

What are your greatest achievements in transforming your students in their English language journey?

pearson english teacher award

Africa & the Middle East

Matilda El Hage


'Matilda demonstrates an ability to harness the power of technology and seamlessly integrates it into her lessons' - Emily Gale

pearson english teacher award

Asia & Oceania

Arata Nishio


'I found Arata's approach to getting her students to transcend their natural reluctance to speak inspiring' - Jeremy Harmer

pearson english teacher award

Europe & Central Asia

Tetiana Kulynok


'I was deeply moved by Tetiana's commitment to education in the face of a dangerous warlike situation - and how important it is to keep hope alive' - Jeremy Harmer

pearson english teacher award

North & Central America

Pablo Santos


'Pablo employs a variety of different teaching strategies to engage his students, his use of role play for English language learning is particularly exciting' - Emily Gale

pearson english teacher award

South America

Mariana Garrone


'I loved her attitude and style - she's clearly an utter delight in the classroom' - Nick Robinson