2019 Pearson English Global Teacher Award winners

Meet our 2019 Teacher Award winners and hear their advice for entering. 

Africa & the Middle East

Matilda El Hage


‘I would advise other teachers to sing their song, be genuine about it, be authentic about everything regarding your teaching field and your students. Show what you do best.’ 

South America

Mariana Garrone


‘If other teachers are thinking of entering this award, I would advise them to just go for it, to be authentic. To be themselves and to give everything, because they can win, there is a chance. They can be immersed in this community.’

Europe & Central Asia

Tetiana Kulynok


‘I said to myself, stop thinking about the outcomes, stop comparing yourself to others, stop feeling sorry for yourself, just do it.’ 

North & Central America

Pablo Santos


‘Use your creativity, be yourself, use your own materials.’ 

Asia & Oceania

Arata Nishio


'My heart is full to see what I've been doing in my class has been globally acknowledged. I really appreciate this recognition.'