2020 Pearson English Global Teacher Award winners

Africa & Middle East 


Rasheedat Sadiq, Nigeria

Rasheedat Sadiq, 2020 Teacher Award winner

"Rasheedat makes a convincing argument in favour of the reduction of teacher talking time - a problem that continues to plague ELT classrooms around the world. Just because you aren’t talking, doesn’t mean you aren’t working!"

Mike Mayor, 2020 Teacher Award judge

Asia & Oceania


Winnie Xiaowen Chen, China

Winnie Xiaowen Chen, 2020 Teacher Award winner

"Friendly, energetic, personable. I like that she thinks about how to change our English teaching ways and that she uses science and music to do so. I imagine her students really enjoy her lessons."

Jeanne Perrett, 2020 Teacher Award judge

Europe & Central Asia


Medisa Aljukić, Bosnia & Herzegovina 

Medisa Aljikic, 2020 Teacher Award winner

"I love all the clubs she has set up and the fact that parents can come along to them too. She obviously puts huge energy into all these extra activities in what seems to be a quite difficult learning environment."

Jeanne Perrett, 2020 Teacher Award judge

North & Central America


Samuel Odamah, USA 

"Samuel talks inspiringly about motivating students and teachers through storytelling and bringing in his own experiences to the classroom."

Mike Solly, 2020 Teacher Award judge

South America


Margarita Leon, Ecuador

"I liked her recognition that it’s not about one teacher being strong, but about the teaching faculty being a formidable team. She’s really honed in on one of the most important factors in raising quality in education. She’s also engaging her community."

Clare Walsh, 2020 Teacher Award judge




We would like to give special recognition to

the runners-up:


Africa & Middle East: Omar Titki, Morocco

Europe & Central Asia: Hannah Zieb, Poland

North & Central America: Yeisie Shayegan, Panama

Asia & Oceania: Diem Hoang, Vietnam

South America: Cleide Oliveria, Brazil