Managing your English language testing remotely during COVID-19

In this uncertain environment, we want to help you to continue to assess learners who need to take an English language test in advance of entry onto their course.

As many global test centres have now closed, we’re providing access to Versant English Placement Test as an alternative during COVID-19 to help fulfill UKVI audit requirements for English language assessment of students who need to gain entry onto an Undergraduate or Postgraduate course. 

This is open to UK and Ireland Higher Education institutions only.

Take a free trial of Versant English Placement Test

Detailed plans are in place to increase availability of test centre dates and locations once official restrictions are withdrawn.

Versant English Placement Test's four skills online testing and AI automated scoring process eradicates the need to travel to a secure test centre, enabling students to take the computer-based test from home or from a location managed by your trusted in-country partners.

With 24/7 test availability and a downloadable desktop version available for learners with limited internet access, Versant English Placement Test enables you to remotely test the English language skills of learners, wherever they are.

Backed by over 25 years of research, Versant English Placement Tests provide universities around the world with a practical and convenient test without sacrificing the necessity of a valid and reliable test. 

With score mappings to common scales like GSE, CEFR, and TOEFL, it is easier than ever to integrate results into your existing enrolment process.

"Testing 10,000 students annually is a massive undertaking, but the Versant testing system makes administering the test so efficient that we no longer worry about our ability to scale the effort."

-Tony Cullen, the Executive General Manager for Marketing & Sales for Navitas