Pearson English Placement is powered by MyEnglishLab, providing a simple registration and access process, integration with your systems and classes, and a record for you and your students

Pearson English Placement test

Teacher Registration

School administrators will receive access codes for Placement. Teachers can create their own MyEnglishLab account and then redeem their access code. 

Teachers create a cohort for their students, which can simply be named as school term date or other method.

Teachers then supply this cohort ID to students.

Student Registration

Students can register themselves online and join the school's course using an access code from the school and the course ID.

Alternatively, schools can register students in batches so students can access the test with the username and password they receive. 

Once students have registered, they are ready to check their equipment, select their Placement test and get started.

During the test

During the test, students will see a variety of question types that measure their reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary skills.

The test will last up to 40 minutes and most students will see different test questions, as it adapts to each of their abilities.

After the test

At the end of the test, students will see their results on-screen automatically and teachers will be able to view all scores in the gradebook. Students will be able to refer to their placement test in future by checking their MyEnglishLab gradebook.

Teachers can access student scores in their MyEnglishLab teacher gradebook as soon as the test is complete. Students can easily be sorted into classes if you continue using MyEnglishLab products.

Scores can also be exported as XML, Excel and MOODLE files, for easy reporting and integration.

Teacher Journey:

1. Register your access code.

2. Login or create an account in MyEnglishLab

3. Create a class. This will generate an ID. Give this to students.

4. Assign equipment check and Placement test to your class.

5. Check that students have submitted their test

6. Check student marks in the gradebook.

Student Journey:

1. Register your access code.

2. Login or create an account in MyEnglishLab

3. Join the teacher's class, using the course ID supplied by teacher.

4. Get ready for the test by completing the equipment check and sample test

5. Complete the test within 40 minutes.

6. Review your scores onscreen

What is MyEnglishLab?

MyEnglishLab is Pearson ELT's core digital platform, with over 250 products available. Using MyEnglishLab, millions of pieces of coursework have been assigned by teachers and completed by students.

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