What's new?

Focus on giving effective presentations

  • Structured approach to teach presentation skills so that students build confidence
  • Ensures students focus on soft skills in in their presentation style as well as the content of their presentations
  • Encourages peer feedback to make your class interactive

New presentation model videos

  • Model Videos Presentation for each unit; realistically demonstrates to students how to deliver short, effective presentations

Exciting new design and updated content

  • All units updated to include modern issues (e.g. social media)
  • Situations revised to reflect current conversational styles

Enhanced Test Package

  • Expanded quizzes for each unit, test comprehension, interaction gambits, and vocabulary

Download a sample to take a look inside the Student Book for Level 1, Unit 8.

impact issues

Emphasis on Active learning

  • Clear guidelines for developing active learning and classroom participation; Interaction Models teach patterns for effective conversation and discussion
  • Expanded format, additional vocabulary development, group work communication tasks, and critical thinking exercises
  • Extra pair work communication activities

Revised Scope and Sequence

  • Situation passages revised to reflect readability/listenability level
  • Syllabus of each book revised to reflect GSE/CEFR standards
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